FAIRtax program needs implemented

We’ve heard it all before. Most of the presidential candidates promise us, “We’re going to reform taxes.”

Some flat-tax enthusiasts even promise us, “I’m going to get rid of the IRS.”

Both promises will never happen. If you “reform” the current income tax plan with a flat tax plan, you end up with just a modified version of the income tax plan we have now. If you get rid of the IRS with a flat tax plan, somebody still has to collect the taxes.

Would that be another IRS?

Certainly the IRS forces would be reduced somewhat with a flat tax plan, but those pesky little rascals would still be out there doing their ominous IRS things.

If you want true tax reform, don’t think “tax reform,” think “tax-plan replacement.”

Replacement will only become a reality when a national consumption tax – such as the FAIRtax – is implemented.

Joe O’Hara

Ocala, Fla.