Sandusky one reason pension system’s broken

I find it extremely hard to believe that Jerry Sandusky has been awarded his pension plus interest of $211,000 plus $4,900 a month. This is ridiculous.

The things he did and was convicted of doing to boys who are grown men now certainly do not entitle him to any compensation.

The state says he did not work for Penn State when all this was happening. Then why did Penn State hand out $63 million in settlements so far? Other people lost their jobs when they tried to do something about Sandusky.

One of these people would be coach Mike McQueary. He told authorities what he saw in the shower and ended up losing his job over trying to do the right thing.

Ray Gricar was another one. He went to Tom Corbett with information about Sandusky but Corbett supposedly said there was not enough evidence.

Maybe, just maybe, Gricar dug up evidence that Corbett didn’t want the public to know.

All of a sudden, Gricar disappeared, and nobody has heard anything more about him other than finding his car and hard drive for his computer. Something is certainly fishy. Maybe there is more involved than the public knows about.

No wonder the state pension fund is broken. Sandusky’s pension is more than he or anybody else should receive, especially a convicted pedophile.

Lenny Metz, Hollidaysburg