Republican ‘smoke, mirrors’ to blame

Today, Pennsylvania faces a crossroads.

We all know our commonwealth has a massive structural deficit after years of Republican budgets built on gimmicks. It’s time to face the facts and get our fiscal house in order.

Instead of passing a fiscally sound budget and finishing the work they were elected to do, the Republicans left Harrisburg after passing a budget that is not balanced and will grow the commonwealth’s multi-billion dollar deficit.

Republicans can claim that their budget is fiscally responsible, but this kind of smoke and mirrors budgeting is exactly what led us to the massive deficit we’re currently facing.

This budget spends $30.3 billion without sufficient revenues to pay for it. That’s just reckless and could lead to further credit downgrades and more fiscal instability for our commonwealth.

Gov. Tom Wolf made the right decision when he line item vetoed this budget. It’s time for the Republican legislature to get back to Harrisburg and work toward a budget that will give Pennsylvania a brighter future.

Mark Nicastre

Communications director

Office of the Governor