Check facts on Shuster

Before the next avalanche of Rep. Bill Shuster’s campaign material begins, voters must remember to check the facts.

Two years ago, after being challenged by Art Halvorson, our representative received (unwelcomed, I’m sure) national attention in Huffingtonpost.com’s article titled, “The Biggest Campaign Whoppers of the 2014 Midterms.”

In other words, Shuster’s ads were shown to be lies, completely and deliberately misrepresenting his opponent. Simultaneously, Shuster insisted he’s the definition of a conservative but his Heritage Action scorecard, which is based on his voting record, shows him to be clearly in the very bottom quarter of conservatives in Congress.

Please, check facts. Far better to elect a man this year known for his integrity, courage and service to country than someone known for weak conservative principles and “whoppers.”

Lee Bryan

Manns Choice