Brew company adds to downtown potential

I must applaud Matt Winrick, owner of Railroad City Brewing Company, for doing something that a lot of business owners need to look at.

Railroad City is in the final stages of opening a brew pub in downtown Altoona.

On a much smaller scale, the downtown area has the potential to grow into something spectacular if people would open their eyes to other cities (Pittsburgh’s Southside, Brooklyn, Philadelphia’s Manayunk). A brew pub, similar to Winrick’s, is exactly what you’ll find in Pittsburgh’s Southside neighborhood.

Our downtown could grow into more than just Penn State Altoona and a few offices.

I see no reason why various boutiques and shops, restaurants, and other “watering holes” should not fill Eleventh Avenue. The shops and restaurants could be located on the ground level and have beautiful city style apartments on the second and third floors.

Other cities have started to revive their downtowns, and people, more so the younger generation, are coming back. There is plenty of parking in the downtown area to support the shops and restaurants.

Shocking to some, parking may not be free, and you may not be able to park right outside the place you want to go. You may have to park and walk a little bit, which never hurt anyone.

Our business owners need to start working with the city, and the city with the business owners not only to bring downtown back to what it was, but also to create a downtown for the future.

Ryan Baranik