Syrian refugees could bring conflict

Do you know what treason and eminent domain are?

Do you know that in some countries evil and hatred is something to be expected and, most likely, will never change?

Millions of legal American citizens vote for a president and, sadly, don’t know anything about eminent domain, treason, and global economic growth. I understand why some of the presidential candidates commented harshly on voters’ intelligence.

I believe there will be conflict in the states where Syrian refugees are placed. The refugees are not going to be handed a low wage, part-time job, or a stable employment position. They will not be treated like slaves. I do believe that idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

Most voters don’t know that thanks to our country playing a big role in global economic growth, nearly everything in our homes, public schools and vehicles are made in a foreign country. Many legal American citizens are unemployed.

Do you know where in Pennsylvania the refugees will be placed? Will they be placed on any unused state-owned property, or will the counties, cities and small towns be deciding that?

The words “eminent domain” and “politically correct” are not favorable and welcome words.

In all truthfulness, treason is a crime in the United States. Treason occurs when a president and politicians use their powerful positions to bring harm to the U.S. and the legal American citizens.

Trust me when I say that treason is not a tiny mistake. Do you think the majority of voters know the meaning of “Don’t Tread on Me”?

I doubt they do.

Phyllis Werts