Second Amendment understanding lacking

Second Amendment understanding lacking

I read with dismay the comments of Dennis Minori contained in a Nov. 23 letter.

As an American citizen with a deep knowledge of and respect for our founding documents, I feel compelled to reply.

Minori suggests, “We are all responsible and have the blood of the victims in mass shootings in our country on our hands.”

This is an absurd statement apparently meant to purge some self-guilt. The only people responsible for the death of individuals by gun or any other means are the perpetrators of the violence.

Minori mentions “common sense regulation of guns in this country,” yet fails to mention what they might be and whose version of common sense is being advocated.

He states “We simply have too many guns in this country” yet fails to provide us with what he deems to be an acceptable number and why.

He then goes on to suggest that “The constitution should be a living, dynamic document that is flexible with the times, not set in stone for 200 years.”

If this were the case, the constitution would have died at the hands of whimsical tyrants in government many years ago. Instead, the constitution is a nearly 229-year-old amendable document with very specific parameters in place to limit the capricious manipulation thereof.

I am a law-abiding citizen of this country who owns multiple guns, does not hunt and commits no crime. I possess a comprehensive understanding of our founding documents as well as a respect for the sacrifices made by equally brave and brilliant individuals who provided us with our current comfortable freedoms.

For those who feel your own government does not present a possible threat to your freedom, I provide you with the history of mankind and government.

Minori takes license to attack the NRA and suggests that in some way this organization is promoting the problem of the misuse of guns. Once again, he provides no logical explanation as to how he arrived at this conclusion.

As a life member of the NRA, I find his words particularly misguided. Everything I know about gun laws, proper gun care and operation, and gun safety was derived from NRA training courses.

No organization on the planet goes to greater lengths to emphasize the concepts surrounding responsible gun ownership and gun safety.

I would ask Minori to explain what gun-related deaths would have been prevented by taking guns away from law-abiding citizens. What additional law, in addition to the hundreds already in place, would somehow prevent an individual with nefarious intent from carrying out an act of gun (or knife or car or bomb or screwdriver) violence?

Guns and murder are illegal in France yet beautiful, innocent people were shot and killed by savage ideologically driven fanatics who apparently did not pause to consider these facts.

Many of our major cities have very strict gun laws, none of which seem to cause gang members or other criminals to stop and reflect upon their intent to inflict harm with weapons obtained outside of legal means.

If Minori wishes to repeal or alter the Second Amendment, then I encourage him to follow the process in place outlined clearly in the constitution.

For those who wish to possess a greater knowledge of our founders, the constitution and the first 10 amendments, I direct you not only to The Federalist Papers but also to a book titled “Rediscovering the Ideas of Liberty,” edited by Stedman and Lewis.

Thomas M. Mextorf