Second Amendment has rightful place

Thank God that Dennis Minori and John J. Coyle were not members of the founding fathers of this great nation.

Both have recently written anti-Second Amendment letters to the Mirror.

I, for one, personally believe the founders were much smarter than either one of these guys or, for that matter, anyone in Washington D.C. today.

To Coyle’s point about the weapons of the 1700s not being proficient or dangerous, perhaps he should ask the British about that, as they were soundly defeated and removed from power on this continent.

With regard to Minori, the only blood on my hands is from an occasional deer or wild turkey.

Minori may assume the guilt of blood on your hands from the actions of others, if it soothes his liberal mindset.

His incorrect description of the power and money of the gun manufacturers is grossly overstated. It is the power of millions of members of the NRA who stand up for and support the organization which daily protects our rights granted by the constitution and the Bill of Rights.

We, as citizens, have not only the right of representation of elected officials, but also the right to join or not join any organization.

By the way, the NRA has, for decades, pushed for mental as well as criminal background checks, which would help protect those not suited to buy guns, but also innocent victims.

Minori’s attempt to minimize the significance of a militia can only be described as naive and uninformed. The armed citizenry of our country and the ability to quickly organize them into a formidable fighting force has been a major deterrent to any foreign power contemplating an invasion.

The Second Amendment has no obligation or intent to conform to modern society. It is, in fact, the obligation of society to live within the laws of the land – all of them.

“To the serenity of a free state” means exactly what it says. Free from the threat of invasion from foreign governments or from tyranny from within. Notice also the amendment does not say: “may not be infringed upon.”

In our republic, the constitution lays upon the citizens the responsibility to remove and replace a government that fails its duties in whatever way it takes to accomplish the necessary change.

The constitution is not, and I hope, never will be a living document. It means exactly what it says; leave it alone.

After reading Minori’s letter, I got up this morning and immediately went to my gun safe. Sure enough, they were all there.

Not one of them had escaped to go out and steal, harm or murder anyone.

I guess my guns are innocent, as are all guns.

Thank you, founders, for your awe-inspired wisdom and resolve to leave us fortunate citizens the greatest country in the world ever.

Barry Aungst