Second Amendment cannot be denied

This is in support of a letter by Jeffrey McNelis (Nov. 19 Mirror) in response to a previous letter regarding interpretation of the Second Amendment.

McNelis is correct when he says the Second Amendment guarantees mankind to defend itself against both private miscreants and tyrannical governments.

The amendment, the complete Bill of Rights and the entire constitution cannot be correctly read or interpreted except in the context of the Declaration of Independence.

One must also recognize that the Bill of Rights was composed at the insistence of the states, some of which refused a constitution absent the Bill of Rights. The portion of the Declaration of Independence most relevant to the Second Amendment is the second paragraph, which refers to the rights and duties of man.

This, fellow citizens and political representatives, is and was the intent of the founders of our nation. They were not referring to something as insignificant as hunting nor to a National Guard that was created nearly 200 years later. Nor to any other invalid notion contrived by those I call “controlists,” otherwise known as despots and tyrants.

Beware of any politician who indicated any desire to infringe upon any right guaranteed by the constitution.

Timothy Toroian