Sandusky not worthy

Why on earth would the people involved in the voting to reinstate Sandusky’s pension ever agree to give it back?

He may have put the years in to earn it, but it seems to me he was using most of his years of service to molest boys.

Having been convicted of molestation and now serving 30 to 60 years, does he really deserve to get a pension? And $4,900 a month is more than a lot of hard-working people make.

That money should be used to keep him in jail rather than taxpayers’ money, which is being used to keep trash like him alive. Maybe part of it should go to his wife, but she probably gets her own.

He did what he did for years, so why should he be paid for it? Why should law-abiding citizens always get stuck paying the bill for keeping those like him?

At home, we pay to get rid of trash, but with taxpayers’ money, we pay to keep trash for the state.

Lenny Metz