Remind Eich, McGinnis of Pennsylvania heritage

Our local legislators, John McGinnis and John H. Eichelberger Jr., have joined the rush to exclude certain immigrants from Pennsylvania. They need to be reminded of our heritage.

William Penn welcomed people of all nationalities and faith to Pennsylvania, an action unheard of in colonial America.

Altoona’s heritage includes: English, German, Italian, Polish, Syrian, Jewish, Catholic and Protestant to name a few groups.

Initially, there was plenty of distrust among these groups locally, but it usually only lasted for a generation.

Altoona has historically had our share of mistrust, including KKK cross burnings on Gamble Hill, not in protest regarding race, but over ethnicity and religion.

I urge our local legislators to lead with positive actions and not encourage anxiety, distrust and apprehension regarding providing beleaguered immigrants sanctuary in Pennsylvania.

Lawrence D. Carter