GOP leading state on road to disaster

Thanks to the GOP legislature, our state is looking at fiscal disaster.

New York-based Moody’s credit rating agency again gave a negative outlook for Pennsylvania’s $10.9 billion in general obligation debt.

Former Gov. Tom Corbett balanced last year’s budget by using $2 billion in a one-time stopgap measure.

Again, Pennsylvania’s credit was downgraded because of this. Yet the Legislature wants to use stopgaps again on the current budget. This failed process could lead to the state going bankrupt.

Gov. Tom Wolf has offered to drop the increase in sales tax and wants just one half of one percent increase in personal income tax. The GOP claims this will hurt senior citizens. It does not because Social Security is not taxed.

Someone making full-time minimum wage only pays an additional $1.45 per week. Between this small increase and a small tax on Marcellus Shale, enough would be raised to balance this and next year’s budgets.

Don’t let the GOP tell you they don’t raise taxes. Corbett hit us with a gas tax right before he left office, and that tax affects everyone.

Encourage your legislators to pass Gov. Wolf’s budget, and save us from fiscal disaster.

Or take the GOP path, which is more stopgaps and their latest idea, more gambling.

More gambling leads to bankruptcies, broken homes, and people in therapy, which the taxpayers pay for.

It’s your future, so you had better make the right choice.

Robert W. McKay

Grove City