Combat bad gov’t at the ballot box

In the Dec. 2 and Dec. 3 editions of the Mirror, there were more opinions regarding the Second Amendment.

The Second Amendment, like any historical document, is subject to interpretation. Ten people will come away with 10 different meanings.

As far as government, it has been slowly and subtly taking over our lives and our freedoms for years.

And they are not doing it with guns. When you have all the power, you don’t need guns.

The one sure way to protect ourselves from ineffective, bad government is through the ballot box. We need to vote out all of these unethical, power-hungry politicians and just vote for some nobody from nowhere, USA.

Anyone has to be better than what we have now. And the next time elections come around, do the same thing.

We can’t let these same guys in office for years and years. They just get too comfortable and too powerful.

What have they done for us lately other than lead us into one war after another and create more enemies than we can ever defeat?

Guns won’t work. Maybe stockpiling an arsenal of firearms can make you feel safe.

But when the threat is coming from the power of bad government, we have to find another way and that way is through the power of the vote.

And that is what this letter is about – use the most powerful weapon you have. It won’t cost you a dime – just a few minutes of your time. If you really want change, vote.

Elizabeth K. Shade



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