Shuster record not conservative

Shouldn’t the rhetoric, “Proven conservative leadership,” be matched with a record?

Instead, our incumbent votes to increase spending and boasts of his compromises with Democrats to boot. The result is a fast- approaching $20 trillion debt.

Despite his chairmanship, our representative has no conservative achievements to his record. Instead, he just suspended the federal debt limit, increased spending in the Obama-Boehner budget deal, supported the socialistic Export-Import Bank, and worst of all, Planned Parenthood is still funded.

Shuster recently celebrated House passage of a $325 billion highway bailout bill, adding another $100 billion in new federal debt.

With “proven conservative leadership” like this, who needs liberals? Is this really the best we can do? Do we have to settle for the status quo?

Professional politicians got us into this mess. We need to restore the tradition of citizen-legislators.

I’m sure some voters feel that our current representative is the best we can do.

But I’m proud to stand with those who think we can, and will do better.

Stephen Buckingham

Manns Choice