ISIS has nothing to do with Islam

I was extremely saddened and hurt when I found out about the attacks in Paris and Beirut, which resulted in the loss of nearly 170 lives.

The perpetrators did this under the guise of Islam and by loudly proclaiming “Allaho Akbar,” which literally means “God is the Greatest.”

But their actions were brutal, inhumane and of a very low standard.

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of these attacks and their families. As an Imam, I condemn these barbaric attacks and hope that extremist groups like ISIS are brought to justice and we see their end once and for all.

The Prophet of Islam counted the killing of a soul among the four major sins in the sight of God and further added that a true Muslim is the one from whose hands and tongue others are protected. These two sayings of the Holy Founder of Islam prove beyond a shadow of doubt that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.

If someone wants to see the true face of Islam then they should look at the efforts of The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association USA who challenges radicalization, has fed over 170,000 people and have collected over 5,000 pints of blood this year in service of our fellow Americans.

I take pride of being a member of this brand of Islam.

Adnan Ahmed

Imam Ahmadiyya

Muslim Community