Ward needs to prove she supports education

I read with great interest in Sunday’s Mirror about the Republican-crafted budget bill passing the House and currently heading to the Senate.

I was especially interested to see how education would fare, given that our local representative Judy Ward recently told the Mirror that she was “a huge proponent of education.”

I find it interesting that the budget she endorsed and voted for calls for an $8 million increase in education funding. When split between 1.8 million students over the course of 180 days, according to Rep. Dan Frankel, Pittsburgh, it amounts to the grand whopping total of three cents, per student, per day.

On that budget, a student would be lucky to afford a new pencil once a month.

I think it is astounding that Ward considers herself to be a “huge proponent” of education when she would endorse such a paltry budget for our youth.

When will our local legislators start waking up and realizing that our children are our future, and we are only shortchanging ourselves by not investing in their education?

George Dempsie



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