Police, vets thanked

As I get ready to leave for work every morning, I am grateful for all that our veterans and those in law enforcement give us: our freedoms and this great country in which we were raised. You taught us the value of God, family and patriotism. Some of you gave the ultimate sacrifice of your lives so that we could live better. You must be so honored and proud to serve our nation.

As a person of Christian faith and as a member of the U.S. Navy, I apologize to you. It’s embarrassing and shameful that Americans are fighting Americans. The public fights against law enforcement. We’re not policing ourselves, nor holding ourselves accountable to God, family and country. The very things that you fought for and taught us seem to go unappreciated by some.

Please know, many of us honor and appreciate you every day. Thank you for your service and for keeping us safe. God bless you.

Sue Barkman



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