Shuster working OT for airline companies

I just finished reading the article on Rep. Bill Shuster in the Mirror. I am not surprised, as it supports the argument that money corrupts politics.

I am sure that the congressman has never searched the numerous airline sites looking for a reasonably-priced ticket. Why would he? His taxpayer-paid staff will do that for him and also the price is probably irrelevant as the taxpayers will pay for the trip.

If the congressman had tried to find a ticket a few years ago he would have discovered what a “shell game” it was. A person had to go to several sites that involved many options only to discover at the very end the total cost. Frustrating indeed.

To correct this issue a regulation was passed that required all air ticket sellers to provide the total cost early in the ticket purchase process. This was informative and created quite a bit of transparency. This regulation was strongly opposed by the airline industry who didn’t want to scare would be purchasers off with sticker shock.

In a move to please his airline friends, the congressman co-sponsored a bill to do away with this transparency and revert to the old method of the “shell game.”

In another effort to appease his airline friends, he opposed taxing the billions of extra fees (baggage etc) that now go untaxed.

The congressman sure is working overtime taking care of his airline friends. Never mind about the rapidly deteriorating highways and bridges that are a real concern of his constituents. Thanks, congressman.

Harry Seamen

Manns Choice