Kelley right man

On Nov. 4, 2014, the citizens of Altoona elected to change our form of government – this vote greatly increased the role and responsibilities of the mayor.

Two weeks after this vote, the Altoona City Council wanted to increase city real estate taxes by 2.5 mills. Only one of the candidates running for mayor opposed that vote – Bruce Kelley.

Kelley understands that it is important to keep taxes stable for the citizens of the city; we cannot overtax our citizens in an effort to elude budget shortfalls. Kelley has been working hard for the past 12 years as a city councilman to bring fiscal stewardship to Altoona and he will continue to do so when he is elected Mayor.

A vote for Kelley is a vote for responsible financial support in the City of Altoona. Vote Bruce Kelley on May 19.

Cindy Crain