Encourage Kelley votes

We must be very aware of the capabilities of any individual seeking that elected position.

The new job description for our mayoral position has expectations for the mayor to build the job base in the area.

The elected mayor cannot be terminated until his/her term has expired. That is constitutional.

I have known Councilman Bruce Kelley for nearly 30 years and have worked with him and for him as a volunteer on numerous community projects gathering information for evaluation. I learned from that experience that Kelley is not only knowledgeable about where and whom to call, but he also knows from experience the workings of the political system for the benefit of this whole area.

I have also worked with several community-minded people that know Kelley well. They expressed a similar assessment of Bruce Kelley.

I am hopeful that others will encourage their friends to vote Bruce Kelley for mayor.

Jan Mills Sr.