CRC making strides versus child abuse

Among the very worst evils in our world is sexual abuse of children. But many of the predators engaged in it have an enemy powerful enough to strike fear in them.

Operating far enough under the radar that we doubt many people have heard of it, an organization in Boca Raton, Florida, has a worldwide reach against those who victimize children.

It is the Child Rescue Coalition.

An Associated Press story last week revealed some of the good being done by the CRC. Datelined Lyon, France, the story was about police in that country arresting 61 people on suspicion of involvement in a child pornography network. At least three of those arrested raped children on camera, officials said.

Among those taken into custody were some religious leaders, teachers and municipal government officials.

French officials noticed the network after they began using computer software from the CRC.

A non-profit company, the CRC provides technology to law enforcement agencies in all 50 states and 96 countries. Clearly, the coalition has developed technology effective in locating and apprehending predators.

How effective? According to the coalition’s website (childrescuecoalition.org), its work has aiding in rescuing 2,883 children from predators. It has helped police arrest 12,536 of the evildoers. CRC officials estimate they have prevented as many as 600,000 cases of abuse.

Good to know someone has found a high-tech weapon against the true scum of the earth, isn’t it?

We assume most law enforcement agencies are aware of the coalition. If any in our area are not — assuming they are equipped and authorized to pursue child sex predators — we encourage them to contact the CRC.

By the way, it provides technological aid free of charge — but, if it saves even one child, priceless.


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