Stop putting politics before country

The first and most important responsibility of our elected officials within Congress is to protect the United States of America and its citizens.

In this regard, it is clear that our representatives in both parties have failed miserably.

Any problem can be solved by breaking it down into its basic elements, so let’s break down Congress’s responsibility in terms that even they might understand.

First, the United States of America has every right to monitor its borders against illegal entry. (Declaration of this right in no way is meant to impact legal immigration sought under the laws and within the guidelines as established by Congress.)

In order to control and monitor entry, specific official entry points must be established, similar to any event where large numbers of people might be expected.

In order to ensure people use these entry points other areas must provide some sort of restriction be that natural obstructions, gates, fences, walls, barriers, etc. How hard is this to understand?

If you go to Disney World, a major sporting event or a concert you follow some sort of guide to the authorized entry points. You don’t simply climb over the wall or come in through the window.

What about this simple concept of controlled entry is so difficult for the politicians in Washington to understand?

With money seeping out of every orifice in Washington, what about security for our country is too expensive to consider? The focus must be on what works, and cost is secondary to the safety of our citizens and the future security of our country.

But instead of working to solve the problem, Congress is clearly focused on political posturing, putting the concerns of both political parties ahead of the good of the country.

Congress kicked this can down the road for over 30 years. It could have solved the problem at any time in those 30 years but chose — I repeat, chose — to do nothing.

Instead Congress voted themselves generous raises, fat pensions, a gold plated medical plan and passed laws to which they exempted themselves — not to mention establishing a fund which pays settlements for women filing sexual harassment suits against members of Congress, all paid for by the taxpayer.

Protecting our borders and knowing who enters our country is not racist, it is not anti-immigrant, it is not showing lack of compassion.

It is simply common sense.

Our politicians strongly voice the need for border security and that we must fix our failed immigration system. However, they fail to disclose that they created this mess and they have failed to fix it.

The political arguments and gridlock in Washington is like having your house burning down while two fire companies stand idly by arguing what brand of bottled water to use.

We can no longer place our future in the hands of politicians who put politics ahead of what is best for the country.

Kasun resides in Duncansville. He contributes a monthly column to the Mirror.


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