A poem for Veterans Day

Before her stands a strong young man, courageous, showing no fear;

The journey awaits him like no other, his loyalty abundantly clear;

He glances back one last time, as he treads into the unknown;

A choice he’s made against her wishes; my boy, he’s hardly grown;

She will wait with hands together, drawing upward in faith and prayer;

Keep my son safe from harm, to lose him, I couldn’t bear;

The battle rages around him, bloody bodies a frequent sight;

Sounds at night are deafening, hoping soon to see daylight;

Days and weeks turn into months, with dreams of a nice warm bed;

But freedom is worth fighting for, as he walks among the dead;

Time has flown, the years have passed, his mother laid to rest;

His reflection of an old man knows he’s done his best.

He sits alone in his wheelchair, memories of war inside his head;

No one to share his stories, or dry the tears he shed;

A veteran he is proud to be, a soldier true and brave;

“Our flag still flies because he fought,” the words written on his grave.

I have been a life member of the Ebensburg VFW Auxiliary Post 4963 for almost six years and got my inspiration for this poem from visiting the residents of the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home.

Please take time to visit a veteran, young or old, male or female, and make sure to thank them for their service.

Patricia Mulvehill


(Editor’s note: The Mirror typically doesn’t publish poetry on the Opinion page. After reading this, we made an exception.)


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