Karlheinz Max Ullein

Dec.19, 1929 - April 30, 2019

Karl Ullein, 89, passed away Tuesday, April 30, 2019, in Micco, Fla., at his son Rodney’s residence.

He was the middle child of Max and Edda (Oelmann) Ullein. His older sister, Lore Hartman, survives him, and he was predeceased by his younger brother, Victor Guenther Ullein.

He was especially fond of his daughter-in-law, Sue, whom he handpicked. He loved his grandsons, Ehren and Adam, and his great-grandson, Easton. Karl is also survived by Lore’s children, Craig, Cheryll, Kim, Dawn, Todd and Dwight.

Karl shared the love of fast motorcycles and high performance aircraft with his son. Both were general aviation pilots and aircraft owners.

He operated numerous small businesses in the Altoona area. They included his father’s rigging and transfer business, and a small commercial refrigeration business. He was best known for “Ullein Cycle and Speed,” which he operated from his basement in Carson Valley. He sold hundreds of new and used motorcycles, mostly Hondas, as well as motorcycle accessories

At the time of his retirement from the railroad, he was number one on the machinist roster. Most of his career was at the locomotive shops in Juniata. He said they would have to shut the place down in order to furlough him.

Until the very end, he displayed a great sense of humor. So, if you are piloting your aircraft at night and the engine gives up the ghost, turn on the landing lights. If you don’t like what you see, turn them off.