Bedford County

Andrew Benton and Jay Allen Benton Jr. and Jay A. Benton and Katelynn Benton, to Amber Harkleroad, property in Bedford Borough, $135,500.

Evan and Sarah Rosenberry, to Gerard T. and Wendy S. Eck, property in Harrison Township, $298,000.

Kay A. Dunlap, to Jenny L. Burdett, property in Hopewell Borough, $87,000.

Mabel H. and Nelson R. Nolt, to Dale L. Snyder, property in South Woodbury Township, $220,000.

Ruth D. Jones, to Lynn and Wade Spencer Duvall, property in Bedford Borough, $285,000.

Karen A. Kraucz and William R. Chappell Sr. and William R. Chappell, to Philip E. and Christina R. Koban, property in Pavia Township, $45,000.

Brenda K. and Robert J. Beiter, to Brittany L. and Tyler A. Cooper, property in Hopewell Township, $282,500.

Barbara A. and Brian O. Rummel, to Tiffany Bender and John William Smithson, property in Juniata Township, $60,000.

Shirley M. and Joseph E. Lohr, to Dustin E. Dodd, propert in Hopewell Township, $25,000.

Luella M. Uhlig, to Wendy Lianne Hoover, property in Harrison Township, $40,000.

River View Court Inc., to Ashley D. and Kevin R. Baum, property in Bedford Township, $173,000.

Lisa Louise Irvin, to Alex L. Delia, property in Bedford Borough, $195,000.

Riddlesburg Country Market Inc. and Robert D. Wiley, to Willow Branch Realty LLC, property in Broad Top Township, $129,000.

Linda J. and Alan E. Ickes, to Frannie F. and Isaac F. Kauffman and Sarah G. and Aaron F. and Malinda B. and Andrew F. King, property in King Township, $1,350,000.

Jordan B. and Jacob P. and Jeffrey D. Dull, to Alyson E. Dehmcke, property in Bedford Township, $210,000.

Barbara and Kelly E. Henry, to Tracy S. and Brian D. Propst, property in Bedford Township, $345,000.

Kristen and Kenneth Trout, to Melissa and Alfred Singleton, property in Mann Township, $150,000.

Michelle Ross, to Ruth D. Jones, property in Monroe Township, $52,500.

James M. Hillegas and Krista A. Elliott and Krista A. Hillegas, to Lauryn Krystine McGee and Steven Anthony Whitt, property in Napier Township, $430,000.

Jean B. Hartman and Lois Jean B. Hartman and Robert H. Hartman Jr., to Cheryl Romona and Paul N. Jr. Smith, property in Southampton Township, $165,000.

Blair County

Santander Bank N.A. to Clint M. Rasberry, property in Greenfield Township, $75,000.

William C. and Susan J. Wagner to Faith V. Strollo and Katelyn M. Miller, 1228 17th Ave., Altoona, $95,000.

Lori A., John S. and Alexis M. Lord to C&J Quality Properties, 1415 First Ave., Altoona, $13,500.

Alfred J. Mignogna III to Nicholas Allen, 1500 Third Ave., Altoona, $33,000.

Robert D. and Ruth E. Brubaker to Banyan Enterprises Inc., 500 10th Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $46,000.

Robert J., Karen A., James J. and Rosemary Fiore to 2324 North Branch Avenue LLC, 2407 Beale Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Carolyn E. Myers to Eunice M. Musselman, property in Snyder Township, $225,000.

Walter J. Nichols to Emanuel P. and Karen N. Nichols, property in Allegheny Township, $20,000.

Norris A. and Beverly B. Adams to Charlotte M. Greene and Cecelia A. McNaughton, Unit 117 Blue Knob Ski & Country Club, Bedford County, $48,500.

Jeffery A. Eggerstorfer to Yougo Realty LLC, 1322 Third Ave., Altoona, $100,000.

Sabina M., Francis B., Susan, Domenick, Judith, Bruno F. Jr. and Judy Pierannunzio and Anne Saclaro to Bruno F. Pierannunzio Jr., 1544 Logan Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Kenneth O. Ranalli II to Thomas R. Ake II, property in Woodbury Township, $43,500.

Carolyn S., Jody E. and Karen S. Claar to Dennis H. Weyandt, property in Greenfield Township, $45,000.

Thelma A. Shaffer to Brian C. Wilt and Heather Derensis-Wilt, 209 E. 24th Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Vincent P. and Melinda N. Solimando to Jason A. Vancas, 909 28th St., Altoona, $60,000.

Kimberly Blocher to Shan X. Chen and Jiang L. Ming, 400 Tennyson Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Roger L. Jr. and Margaret A. Weyandt to Zachary T. Appleman and Alyssa J. Weise, property in Huston Township, $175,000.

Erica L. and Christopher A. Duvall to Blake Glasgow and Megan E. Graffius, 263 E. Lincoln Ave., Altoona, $82,000.

Patricia A. Beam to William C. and Susan J. Wagner, property in Frankstown Township, $110,000.

Donna L. Akins to JJ Sinisi Maintenance Inc., 2024 12th Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Marion and Dale E. Bridges, Marilyn R. Hill, Marilyn McDonald, Jamie S. Dodson, Jamie Doran and Donald K. Beichler to Wey-Black Rentals LLC, property in Greenfield Township, $123,900.

Daniel R., Beth, Jamie R., Elaine and Durinda G. Hand to Kenneth L. Colpetzer, property in Snyder Township, $35,000.

Joseph R. Jr. and Amber L. York to Avery L. York, 2205 12th Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Shirley D. Geiger to Melissa Lickteig, property in Blair Township, $83,500.

Joshua J. Ritchey and Deborah L. Kenawell to Adam P. Ritchey Sr., property in Allegheny Township, $50,000.

Heinz R. and Denise E. Badorrek to Sharon E. Forlina, property in Altoona, $30,000.

Paul T. and Inger M. Reed to Ann C. Walstrom, 3938 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Deborah K. Moses to Sarah D. Crider, property in Greenfield Township, $35,000.

Sherry A. and Timothy M. Temple to Scott and Lisa Lovell, property in Tyrone, $24,900.

Adam W. Vaughn to Catherine V. Gibson, property in Allegheny Township, $175,000.

Edgewood Acres Development LLC to S&A Home Builder LLC, property in North Woodbury Township, $32,000.

Carlie M. and Brandon J. Molitsky to Maci J. Bower and Corey Kriner, property in Logan Township, $94,000.

Leona M. and Gerald A. Buck to T&R Trading LLC, 3701 Beale Ave., Altoona, $150,000.

Harry E. Jr. and Brandee Horton to Edevanes Plumbing Heating & AC LLC, 706 12th Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Craig L. and Crystal L. Snyder to Garrett B. Wise, 216 E. Second Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Charles H. and Audrey A. Angermeier to Tyler E. Dodson, property in Allegheny Township, $75,000.

Paul and Katherine Martin Trust to Shane M. Shrader and Joseph L. Rhodes, 308 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, $104,100.

Sean D. and Shelby K. Burns to William C. Clark Jr. and Ashley N. Lacy, 202 E. Third Ave., Altoona, $48,000.

Carl J. and Cynthia Kauffman to Raymond R. Flanagan Jr., property in Taylor Township, $127,500.

Helen E. Walk to David W. Vasbinder Jr., 605 N. 10th St., Bellwood, $106,000.

Fogal Realty LLC to Joseph W. and Patricia A. Sohmer, 411 Cherry Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Samuel C. and Christa M. Fogal to Joseph W. and Patricia A. Sohmer, 205 E. First Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Betty L. Leamer and Eric H. and Tracy M. Hinish to Kathy A. Kephart, property in Frankstown Township, $142,000.

Clearfield County

William I. and Cheryl T. Armstrong to Scott and Kendra Lea May, property in Clearfield, $110,000.

Chagrin Land Limited Partnership (by general partner) and Tall Oak Associates Inc. (general partner) to Bonnie J. Amundson and Larry A. Notestine, property in Sandy Township, $120,000.

Michael C. and Tiffany M. Cleveland to Daniel P. fleck and Brooke A. Cantolina, property in Chester Hill, $155,000.

John Richard Gallagher Jr. and Ryan Jacob Gallagher to Janice R Werfel and Ronald J. Noel, property in Houtzdale, $113,000

Keith, Rhona and Kevin Hoynoski to Kevin J. Bogusch and Laura L. Gordon, property in DuBois, $133,000.

Judy E. Cree to Molly E Brady, property in Gulich Township, $50,000.

Elizabeth M. Lipka to Robert A. Bush II, property in Huston Township, $11,800.

George O. and Nicoleta A. Angheloiu to Kara Rhine and Michael Claypool, property in Dubois, $135,000.

Naomi K. Patrick to Alexander A Olson, property in Curwensville, $76,500.

Gordon W. Kline to Daniel Everett Kienitz, property in Lawrence Township, $75,000.

Jill Denell Latasha and Leonard Allen II Myers to Thomas H and Cheryl Myers Heisey, property in Sandy Township, $329,000.

Frank and Karissa shepler to Daniel C. Wallace, property in Sandy Township, $40,000.

Murrays Ford Inc. to DuBois Berman Realty LLC, property in Sandy Township, $1,100,000.

Gregory B. Murray to Spitzer A Team LP, property in Sandy Township, $1,475,000.

Gregory S. and Rebecca J. Hertlein to Angela Sloppy, property in Lawrence Township, $82,500.

Paul and Marie D. Kephart to Matthew E. Jr. and Lindsey D. Shaw, property in Decatur Township, $80,000.

Clayton D. and Carly Read to Michael Misiewicz, property in Sandy Township, $150,000.

Alfred E. and Freda C. Swatsworth to Nathan Paul Braniff, property in Lawrence Township, $89,900.

Michael J Warwick to Joshua Simmers, property in Beccaria Township, $89,900.

Richard A. and Michele L. Lanzoni to Matthew K. and Paige S. Carson, property in DuBois, $69,900.

Glenn A. and Rana W. Taylor to Wesley Stephen and Shannon Lee Lewis, property in Covington Township, $230,000.

PA Hunt Club LTD to Kristy R. Johnson, property in Gulich Township, $109,000.

Pat and Marylouise Deaven to Larry L. III and Larry L. Jr. Becker, property in Goshen Township, $86,000.

Shawn R. and Donna M. McCracken to James E. and Lisa M. Jordan, property in Lawrence Township, $248,000.

Meri C. Pollick (executrix) and Samuel E. McKay Estate to Sipe Family Trust, property in Osceola Mills, $149,900.

Virginia L. Guiher to Brent Gibboney, property in Penn Township, $165,000.

Christine L. Bernardo to Shane W. And Toni M. Sweeney, property in Sandy Township, $199,999.

Genevieve Murray to Spitzer A Team LP, property in Sandy Township, $4,325,000.

Miranda J. Flores Ross to Brad and Christy Fritchman, property in DuBois, $30,000.

Louis C. and Linda Aloise and Eugene E. and Joyce L. Wilson to Frank and Holly Forbes, property in Sandy Township, $10,000.

Paul G. Jensen to MIchael, Annmarie and Angela M. Fenush, property in Morris Township, $42,000.

R & K Homes LLC to Edward J. and Bobbi Jo Jenkins, property in DuBois, $125,000.

Huntingdon County

Yenter & Associates LLC to Maurice G. Jr. and Catharine E. Thompson, property in Alexandria, $210,000.

Conne S. Pollock to Richard L. Matney, property in Cass Township, $35,000.

Dorothy S. Robinson to Gale D. Rowe, property in Cass Township, $145,000.

Dorothy L. Weaver Estate, Karen L. Schwarz, Mark K. Perri, Leonard W. Weaver, Evlyn J. Coder, David R., and Craig K. Brumbaugh and Nancy A. Howe to Donna K. and William S. Mitchell, property in Hopewell Township, $52,000.

Shy Beaver Lakeview Estates Inc. to Seth Garrett, property in Hopewell Township, $25,000.

Wrangler Services LLC to Thad, Shannon N, and Darrell D. Secrest, property in Huntingdon, $104,000.

Aurant Investments LLC to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon, $108,550.

Ivajean G. Valle to Tiffany E. Hawn and Michael L. Clinger, property in Huntingdon, $82,000.

Steven D. and Rosella M. Radek to 16652 Holdings LLC, property in Huntingdon, $130,000.

Doris J. Lockhoff to Duane Allen Mock Jr., property in Huntingdon, $230,000.

Willaim W. and William W. Sr Miller Estate to Timothy and Heather Caracciolo, property in Juniata Township, $35,000.

Aaron J. and Jana M. Weaver to Brandon Whitsel, property in Mill Creek, $28,000.

Victor J. and Christine D. Dimoff to Thomas Sechrest and David Hager, property in Mount Union, $11,000.

Erica Leigh Wilson to Zebulon Sheeder, property in Mount Union, $93,000.

Hilda b. Kulmatycki to Ray E. and Diana Jones Cosey, property in Penn Township, $325,000.

Rex A. and Lisa Herbert to Thomas P. and Gail M. Ebur, property in Penn Township, $431,000.

Marie-Pierre Shaffer to Michael E. Jr. and Christina L. Young, property in Porter Township, $235,000.

Louis A. Jr. and Rebecca A. Zannino to Christina K. Hileman, property in Walker Township, $189,000.

Elizabeth and Michael Giardinelli, Robert W. Geissinger to Jacob M. and Gabriella C. Lechner, property in Walker Township, $193,000.

Louis Alfonso, Louis A. Sr., Linda J., and Linda Jane Zannino to Louis A. Jr. and Rebecca A. Zannino, property in Walker Township, $260,000.


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