Blair County

Gohar Ashraf and Fauzia Aslam to David Cecco, property in Logan Township, $255,000.

Alexander P. Watkins to Blake L. and Jayh J. Detwiler, 706 W. Third St., Williamsburg, $112,000.

Castle 2020 LLC to Daniel Collins, 1807 Fifth St., Altoona, $17,900.

Dorothy L. Marchetti Living Trust to Brent L. and Amy T. Zimmerman, 924 Second Ave., Altoona, $48,000.

Pinecone Rentals LLC to Jeanette R. Acrie and Angelique A. Thayer, 315 S. Third St., Altoona, $62,000.

James A. and Charlotte M. Sommer to Warrior Ridge Real Estate LLC, 707 Crawford Ave., Altooona, $42,900.

Blacks Homes Sales Inc. to Kenneth L. and Kimberly A. Shaffer, property in Freedom Township, $30,000.

Cindy S. Arthur to Robert A. and Kathleen D. Spargo, 107 Lily Pond Dr., Hollidaysburg, $179,900.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to David and Tammy Huff, 57 Cecile Dr., Hollidaysburg, $130,000.

Timothy L. Wherry and Lori J. Bechtel-Wherry Living Trust to Damien L. Lafferty, 104 W. 13th Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $43,000.

Darek W. Lahr to David M. Jr. and Marissa A. Motel, 541 W. 20th St., Tyrone, $126,500.

Danny L. and Joy L. Jobe to Jacob E. and Sara R. Bilthuis, property in Frankstown Township, $460,000.

Joseph W. Barley Sr. and Joseph W. Barley Jr. to Terry L. and Pamela K. Wertman, 511 First Ave., Altoona, $12,000.

Richard J. and Barbara A. Johnstown to Jason R. and Stephanie M. McGinnis, 1880 Erin Dr., Altoona, $54,000.

James W. Schopp to Jeremie J. and Kristina L. Bell, property in Greenfield Township, $120,000.

William J. Holtzinger to Elizabeth and Jason Kuhn, property in Blair Township, $90,000.

Matthew E. and Jessica M. Decoste to Jessica E. and Michael R. Wolf, property in Tyrone, $61,000.

Jennifer M. Cherry to Joshua D. Hiser and Kacy R. Jenkins, property in Blair Township, $717,000.

PHH Mortgage Corporation to Ronald Mallery, property in Duncansville, $77,500.

Beverly J. and Robert Kenyon to Karen Benton, property in Hollidaysburg, $201,000.

Michael R. and Jessica E. Wolf to Charles E. Zimmerman, 1255 Cameron Ave., Tyrone, $74,000.

Renee and Keith Parowski to Raphael E. Hite, property in Logan Township, $85,000.

Linda J. Stotler to Timothy J. and Darlene A. Weiand, property in Bellwood, $64,000.

Jennifer L. and Steven C. Maher to Larry D. Everhart, property in Juniata Township, $15,500.

Andrew M. and Angela R. Michanowicz to Brian T. and Jennifer O. Buffone, property in Blair Township, $395,000.

Gianni Blackbear and John Sleek to John C. and Michele M. Cooper, property in Snyder Township, $75,000.

Kelly L. Bushore to Justin L. and Kaitlyn M. Franks, property in Duncansville, $145,000.

Jerome C. and Susanne J. McAleer to Cari A. Glass, property in Altoona, $92,000.

Matthew G. and Angel M. McNelis to James Simons, property in Snyder Township, $154,900.

Michael L. and Lacretia A. Wombacher to Tyler S. Rhine, property in Logan Township, $124,900.

Sage Resources Inc. to Scott A. and Mailee G. Bowers, 622 Sixth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $60,865.

Michael A. Maier to Linda S. and Larry E. Repko, 1612 Jackson Ave., Altoona, $150.000.

Richard Fox, Richard Fox Jr., James Fox and William Fox to Levi S. and Kathie E. Renno, property in Tyrone, $499,000.

Jason T. Pupo to Thomas Rumberger, property in Snyder Township, $35,000.

Matthew A. and Courtney Walk to Alyson N. Cornelius, 616 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $53,600.

Inez M. Biesinger to Tina and Lewis Moore, property in Greenfield Township, $122,500.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Michaela N. Detwiler, 516 Walton Ave., Altoona, $44,000.

Lois Bozzo to William P. Miller, 1007 25th Ave., Altoona, $94,000.

Kenneth and Carol Wachter Revocable Living Trust to Richard E. and Kim L. Erb, 501 31st Ave., Altoona, $49,900.

Bedford County

Diane L. and William K. Hughes to Lila R. and Wesley R. Sollenberger, property in Woodbury Township, $235,000.

Christine D. and Michael W. Shaffer Jr. to Paul Schlabach and Joshua T. Weyandt, property in King Township, $50,000.

Mark Valinski to Mechelle S. and David A. Smith, property in Kimmel Township, $20,000.

Edna S. Miller to Zachary W. Smith, property in Woodbury Township, $190,000.

Wanda Kay and Richard D. Bradley and Wilma Jean Walter to Southern Cove Estates LLC, property in South Woodbury Township, $394,000.

Karen and Tracy R. Smith to William S. Pataki, property in Napier Township, $53,000.

Lynn S. and Paul A. Keller to Osage Realty LLC., property in Pavia Township, $550,000.

Jane D. and John W. Musser to Aunt TS Cottages LLC, property in East St. Clair Township, $39,500.

Mary T. and Daniel A. Dibert to Dana M., Dana Michelle, Shane D., Shane Vent, property in Snake Spring Township, $125 ,000.

Debbie J. and Eugene B. Paul Jr. to Cathy J. and Dennis R. Warnick, property in West Providence Township, $89,500.

Susan J. and J. Patrick Arnold to Julie A. and Shaun W. Styer, property in Bedford Township, $31,000.

M & K Realty and Land LLC to One Field at A Time LLC, property in Woodbury Township, $150,000.

Elizabeth P. Anderson to Jonathan Alan and Dawn Renae Chamberlain, property in Liberty Township, $35,000.

Margaret A. Grove to Garry William and Amy Lynn Howsare, property in Everett, $25,000.

Laurie E. and David D. Freese to Karen A. and Mark I. Davis, property in Bedford Borough, $170,000.

Jessica A. and Dennis E. Wilson to Michelle Lynn and Jeffrey Alan King, property in Bedford Township, $120,000.

Sandra D. and Richard L. Wright to Axia Heritage Cove LLC, property in Liberty Township, $3,527,500.

River View Court Inc. to Ryan Wayne and Amanda Delia Miller, property in King Township, $25,000.

Donna M. and Glen W. Myers to Cheryl Walter, property in Snake Spring Township, $259,000.

Linda L. and Mark J. Grimes to Rebecca Brallier and Edwin D. Bracken Jr., property in Bedford Township, $384,900.

Cambria County

From July 2021

Carlee K. Ranalli to Fogal Realty I LLC, property in Elder Township, $70,000.

Dennis D. Farabaugh to Daniel Aaron Anderson, property in Barr Township, $77,000.

Tim A. Diguiseppe to Joseph Kosis Jr., property in Lower Yoder Township, $425,000.

John J. Rusnak to Brandon James Meier, property in Geistown, $60,000.

Hensel Properties LLC to Tyler R. Yost, property in Johnstown’s 18th Ward, $10,000.

McGuire Enterprises LLC to Kidney Center LLC, property in Richland Township, $150,000.

John Joseph Froehlich to Mary E. Hyland, property in Southmont, $85,000.

Bob P. Staley to John J. Anthony, property in White Township, $45,000.

Rodger W. Walls to Ethan W. Forry, property in Jackson Township, $397,000.

Joseph William Baxter Jr. to Dina M. Kushner, property in Jackson Township, $223,000.

Dean Yoder to William Joseph Polke Jr., property in Stonycreek Township, $175,000.

Willard A. Wilkinson IV to McIlwain Family Limited Partnership, property in Gallitzin Township, $500,000.

Miguel A. Balderas to Michael T. Mariskanish, property in Northern Cambria, $66,000.

Scott J. Morris to William E. Myers, property in Adams Township, $62,500.

Kaja Holdings LLC to Johnstown Holdings LLC, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $12,000.

First National Bank of Pennsylvania to Richard Calestini, property in Westmont, $79,900.

Louis H. Biter to Matthew H. George, property in Cambria Township, $39,690.

Constance E. Brewer to Kim Elaine Lampel, property in Westmont, $110,500.

Anita J. Stinson to Jack D. Brown II, property in Jackson Township, $82,500.

Cambria County Foods LP to 630 Galleria Drive LLC, property in Richland Township, $1,360,000.

Clearfield County

Robert W. and Nancy J. Tyger to Chad A. and Stephanie N. Lingle, property in Sandy Township, $20,000.

Robert N., Kathy S., Howard R. and Jean M. Barr to Robert L. II and Risa R. Daye, property in Gulich Township, $12,000.

Todd Maines to Property Development LLC, property in Goshen Township, $10,000.

Deborah Ann Bosak (Executrix), Joyce Reddington EST to Charles E. Jr. and JoAnne R. Perry, property in Lawrence Township, $193,000.

Matthew T. Henrikson (Administrator) and June A. Henrikson to Daniel J., Danielle R., Allyson R. and Julia M. Henry, property in in Westover Borough, $11,900.

Ryan B. and Shelli L. Corl to James G. Jr. and Kimberly D. Boots, property in Goshen Township, $175,000.

Timothy M. and Virginia L. Novak to William John Jr. and Dana Marie Kramer, property in Sandy Township, $120,000.

Richard E. and Patricia K. Brubaker to Richard F. and Tina L. Simon, property in Union Township, $155,000.

Gary L. McDonald and Sandy J. Rebo to James A. and Colleen S. Rumberger, property in Decatur Township, $100,000.

Norma Jean Levin to Bryce M. Fleming, property in Lawrence Township, $95,000.

Jeffrey J. and Shawna M. Kennedy to Cassandra Hudson, property in DuBois City, $110,000.

Allen Lee and Kathryn M. Wilkinson to Taylor R. Bumbarger, property in Pike Township, $170,000.


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