Blair County

Susan E. Lowther to Sarah A. Hoover and Jordan M. Green, 2916 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $61,000.

Richard S. McClain to Warren A. Blades and Ruby D. Bookhammer, property in Williamsburg, $79,900.

Ricky J. Kissell to Michael D. Bauman Jr., 1407 Fifth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $97,100.

Matthew J. and Rachel Moyer to Zachary C. and Allison L. Haulman, property in Logan Township, $230,000.

Audrey C. Wilson to Deborah L. Ergler and Sarah M. Marchi, property in Frankstown Township, $90,000.

Zachary C. and Allison L. Haulman to Dennis C. and Lisa R. Finch, property in Frankstown Township, $176,000.

Joyce I. Verbonitz to Kayla M. Weil, property in Woodbury Township, $18,000.

Charles H. Bisignano III and Beverly A. Hmel to Tamra Brown and Dylan Benton, 2311 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $36,000.

Andrew J. Wyandt to Madalyn M. McCaulley, 815 Broadway, Juniata, Altoona, $125,000.

Gregory R. and Katherine Ellis to Kumbalatara Siripala, property in Altoona, $125,000.

David C. Gehret to Kenneth Wojno, property in Greenfield Township, $190,000.

Travis D. Wilson to Andrew J. Wyandt and Rachel L. Reed, property in Blair Township, $240,000.

Nancy L. Mills to Peter F. and Elizabeth A. McGroarty, property in Blair Township, $295,000.

Peter F. and Elizabeth A. McGroarty to Graham Shaddick, property in Blair Township, $387,000.

Randall and Nancy S. Glass to Chad F. Hunter, 2308 18th St., Altoona, $102,000.

Rose C. Steward to Shellie L. Hollern and Sue A. Madara, property in Taylor Township, $60,000.

Valley Rural Electric Cooperative Inc. to LAR Asset Management LLC, property in Taylor Township, $61,000.

Family Video Movie Club Inc. to Highland Ventures Real Estate LLC, property in Altoona, $1,021,581.

Stephan, Michael and Ralph R. Sheffy and Tammi Hopkins to First National Bank of Pennsylvania, property in Martinsburg, $13,405.

Jamel A. and Patricia A. Mallad to Jeffrey J. and Kimberly K. Jones, property in Frankstown Township, $240,000.

Melissa C. and Bradley S. Eaton to William E. and Virginia G. Brantner, 108 Halleck Place, Altoona, $179,500.

James L. and Gaylene G. Balcom to Terry L. McCully Jr., 710 Sixth Ave., Juniata, Altoona, $35,000.

Stephen R. Traficante to Anthony S. and Tiffany A. Parker, 402 Ridge Ave., Altoona, $325,000.

James P. Sr. and Elizabeth S. Bettwy to Nancy L. Kaufman, property in Logan Township, $135,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to James Bovard, 2600 Fourth St., Altoona, $112,720.

Kim M. Ahmad to Deborah Edmundson, property in Blair Township, $95,000.

Jonathan M. and Pamela J. Burkin to Daena A. and Jon Clark, property in Blair Township, $284,900.

Daena A. Westover and Jon Clark to Breg D. and Christopher R. Jerome, property in Frankstown Township, $215,000.

Joseph A. and Janella A. Eichenlaub to Kaela N. and Brandon A. Henderson, property in Altoona, $115,000.

Thrive Acquisitions Inc. to Sean P. and Kaitlyn E. Ward, 520 Wayne St., Hollidaysburg, $215,000.

W. G. Henry to Mobile Realty 7 LLC, property in Martinsburg, $7,000,000.

Patrick S. and Connie L. Cannonie to Krista L. Perrin, property in Frankstown Township, $235,000.

Wendy S. Boone to Jeremey R. and Christine A. Calderwood, 2821 Walnut Ave., Altoona, $68,000.

JLC Holdings LLC to Jennis J. McClellan Jr., property in Frankstown Township, $350,000.

Brian E. and Kristen N. Helsel to Jessica Davison, 1902 14th Ave., Altoona, $29,000.

Harry W. Jr. and Durlaine Cunningham to Paula Green and Edward Wentz, property in Tyrone, $30,000.

Robert and Barbara Bollinger to Garrett Wyland, 2823 Broad Ave., Altoona, $41,200.

Michael C. and Karen C. Knote to Gerald B. and Victoria Belopolsky, property in Frankstown Township, $575,000.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to FCE Properties, property in Antis Township, $84,942.

Jon R. and Paula A. Marquis to James L. Stotsky, property in Duncansville, $257,500.

Joshua P. and Derek R. Detrich to Zachary P. Murawski, property in Blair Township, $230,000.

Bedford County

W.A. Fleck III to Danny L. Henderson, property in Colerain Township, $38,000.

Elizabeth A. and Lynn J. Manges to Brady R. and Jeffrey R. Schwartzbeck, property in Napier Township, $100,000.

Linda L. and David L. Peterson to Philip S. McCarrell, property in Colerain Township, $72,000.

SB Timberlands LLC to Tiffany, Kyle and John Pitts, property in Mann Township, $95,000.

Michael Ray Mickey Jr, to Lisa and Harold Wise, property in Bedford Township, $90,000.

6. Michael R. Kozain to Marian N. Carmichael and Stephen J. Gongaware, property in West St. Clair Township, $20,000.

Roseetta and Donald E. Line to Act Homes LLC, property in Everett, $30,000.

Vickie J. and David E. Fleegle to Justin Sensenig, Wendell G. Martin, Janita and Gregory, and Ellen Mellinger, Julleen Martin, J. Paul Mellinger, property in Napier Township, $89,900.

Elwood R. White Trust to Perry G. Jr. and Pamela J. Carbaugh, property in East St. Clair Township, $50,000.

Phyllis L. Redmiles to Ty D. Jay, property in Mann Township, $60,000.

Cynthia J. Wise, to Victoria L. Lemley, property in Bedford Borough, $190,000.

June A. Baughman to Anna M. and Matthew D. Hager, property in West Providence Township, $200,000.

Gladys Lee Cashdollar to Sarah Rebecca Shrout, property in Cumberland Valley, $125,000.

Eich Group Development LLC to Mary P. and Timothy E. Keller, property in Bedford Borough, $190,000.

Faith A. Zembower to Martin Bish, property in Bedford Township, $35,000.

Jeffrey D. and Pamela Sue Hann to US Bank National Association, AFC Mortgage Loan Asset Backed Notes Series 2000-2, property in Colerain Township, $50,000.

Ashley P. Ritchey to Perry D. Clark, property in West Providence Township, $45,000.

Linda T., Stephen R., Christeena L. and Randolph D. Imler to Jerry Adams, property in Bedford Borough, $650,000.

Debra and Paul Weaver to Jack Laurent, property in Bedford Township, $25,000.

Anna Mae and Donald L. Rettburg to Katilyn M. and David M. Imler, property in Woodbury Township, $206,000.

Clearfield County

Erin, Kyle and Karson Baroni to Robert W. and Glenda D. Knisley, property in Union Township, $15,000.

Terry L. and Cheryl L. Raymer to Thomas J. Johnson and Denise A. Pfingstler, property in Sandy Township, $725,000.

Matthew and Tracy Pernesky to Ethans S. and Jasmine E. Stern, property in Sandy Township, $385,000.

Oldaker Holdings LLC to John W. and Erian M. Hicks, property in Westover, $42,400.

Norma I. Crawford and Darlene M. Levenduski to Shane Q. Brewer and Brock M. Merat, property in Huston Township, $75,000.

Rosemary Berenty to Amy Jo Reeder, property in Cooper Township, $194,000.

Clair A. and Eleanor M. Godissart to Connor Christopher McDonald, property in Decatur Township, $15,000.

Keith A. Klingler (individually and attorney in fact) and Elaine F. Klingler (by attorney in fact) to Samuel A. Margosiak and Lynn A. Dashner, property in Burnside Township, $23,500.

Chapman’s Auto Parts & Sales Inc. to TTS Holdings Inc., property in Brady Township, $200,000.

Michael S. Jr. and Lucy F. Ogden to Lacy E. Soule, property in Lawrence Township, $101,000.

Kelly J. Chewning to Derek J. Beam, property in Brady Township, $105,000.

Veteran Realty LLC to Lacy Jarrett and Matthew Sanders, property in Clearfield Borough, $105,000.

Steven R. and Denise D. Millinder to Douglas A. II and Jessica M. Marlow, property in Boggs Township, $325,000.

RVFM 13 Series LLC to Zachary F. and Andrew S. Brown, property in Lawrence Township, $13,000.

John L. III and Carol A. Eamigh and Mary Margaret Materkowski to Rachel Renee Dixon, property in Bradford Township, $65,000.

Kenneth L. Struble to B Bar M Campfround LLC, property in Huston Township, $135,000.

Ghazanfar A. and Iffat A. Shah to Christopher P. and Elissa A. Varacallo, property in Sandy Township, $800,000.

Anthony R. and Margaret M. Caprio to Jeffrey A. and Bernie L. Kephart and Ryan T. Smith, property in Decatur Township, $180,000.

Elizabeth J. Owens to Daniel W. III and Sandra D. Hummel, property in Lawrence Township, $152,000.

Dorothy Wokoske (Executor and Individual) and Daisy Fay Dobo EST to Wayne Perry, property in Morris Township, $10,000.

Clearfield County

Mark E. McFadden (executor and individual) and Elizabeth J. McFadden Estate to Timothy W. and Sara J. Gallaher, property in Penn Township, $170,000.

Ryan David and Stacy Lynn Gardner to Tyler J. Claycomb, property in Bradford Township, $80,000.

Leslie and Margaret J. Duttry to Thomas E. and Barbara B. Carfley, property in Curwensville, $65,000.

Shawn M. Smith Estate and Shane P. Smith and Garey J. Smith Sr. (co-administrators) to Edwin R. Eckberg and Marsha C. Viard, property in Bigler Township, $49,000.

Tara E. and Nicholas Richtscheit to Tina Burfield, property in Woodward Township, $35,000.

Brian E. and Cynthia M. Kelly to Cortnie M. Carlheim and Jacob M. Krempasky, property in Sandy Township, $450,000.

Benedetto P. and Donna L. Palumbo to Christopher D. and Katie M. Aretta, property in Sandy Township, $110,000.

Anthony D. and Jennifer L. Villella to Anthony L. and Kristi L. Villella, property in Beccaria Township, $125,000.

Charles O. Maines Jr. to Grant R. Covert, property in Lawrence Township, $125,000.

Scott E. Kucharcik to Shaylin K. and Miles A. Etters, property in Sandy Township, $70,000.

Mary Jane Martin to Samuel F. III and Carol L. Light, property in Sandy Township, $472,000.

Kyle R. and Kristie Klilne to Trevor S. Schwiderske and Abigail M. Labue, property in DuBois, $180,000.

Gary L.Stewart Jr. (individually and executor), Jacquelin Stewart and Gary L. Stewart Sr. Estate to Jessica Limbert and Christopher Bowery, property in Pike Township, $89,000.

Monte W. and Betty Lou Stumph to Steven Bradley and Rebecca Ann Blackburn, property Ferguson Township, $203,000.

Desiree E. Salada to Dustin P. and Kayla L. Camise, property in Sandy Township, $35,400.

Terry L. and Laura L. Clary to Daniel W., Geraldine J., Corey D. and Kaitlin D. Lanigan and Megan B. Dubecky, property in Sandy Township, $350,000.

Eris J. and Bridgette M. Hilliard to Richard E. Phillips, property in Sandy Township, $40,000.

Tina Raulerson (administratrix) and James I. Anderson Estate to Yebernetsky Capital LLC, property in Sandy Township, $89,000.

Bradley I. and JoAnn D. Smeal to John Robert Maines, property in Morris Township, $77,900.

Jeffrey P. and Kelly Thompson to Travis and Megan Taylor, property in Boggs Township, $190,000.

Lara L. Wiggins to Alex D. and Hannah E. Morgan, property in Lawrence Township, $237,000.

Ronald N. Statler to Raymond A. and Mary E. Graeca, property in Sandy Township, $409,000.

Nancy L. McIntosh to Bryce A. Shaffer, property in Sandy Township, $77,000.

Nathan M. and Melanie S. Dotts to William S. and Marsha G. Brunner, property in Glen Hope Borough, $240,000.

Huntingdon County

H-Squared Ventures LLC to Jeffrey L. and Tammy K. Sauter, property in Juniata Township, $44,900.

Howard, Howard I. and Carol Ann Benner to Bryan and Marina Benner, property in Juniata Township, $12,560.

Richar D. Deihl to Herbert D. Beam, property in Logan Township, $15,000.

Richard D., James W., and Elizabeth Deihl to Marilyn C. Ginther, property in Logan Township, $15,000.

Mary Grace and Mary C. Anders Estate to Derek Allison and Kendra J. Hafer, property in Morris Township, $160,000.

Andrea L. Mills to Dakota L. and Catherine Semple, property in Mount Union, $79,400.

Bricktown Escape LLC to Kimberly A. and Tyler J. Spriggs, property in Mount Union, $10,414.

Michael A. Chilcote to Darrian Andrew Stapleton, property in Mount Union, $125,000.

Richard Donald and Richard D. Swan Estate to Darian L. Gummo, property in Oneida Township, $36,000.

Eddie Webster Jr., Jason Daniel, and John Jefferson Nail, Cynthia S. and Cynthia Smith Nail Estate to Seth Park, property in Penn Township, $46,500.

Landon M. Yingling to Christian V. and Joshua A. Shriver, property in Penn Township, $263,000.

Herman Frederick E. Espy III and Arian Miller to Samantha L. Tartaglino, property in Porter Township, $442,500.

Janice E. Irion Estate to Kyle A. and Carrie Payne, property in Porter Township, $148,500.

Lillie J. Miller Estate to John C. O’Donnell, property in Shade Gap, $40,000.


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