Blair County

Michael L. and Katherine L. Fiore to David A. and Jordyn B. Betar, property in Altoona, $324,750.

Stephen C. and Susan M. Kauffman, Lisa M. and Charles H. Moore II, Douglas J. and Donna J. Kauffman to Tracy N. Brown, 711 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $71,900.

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Authority to Clifford C. Moyer Sr., 2517 N. Imler Valley Road, Imler, $50,000.

Janice S. Dauber and Janice M. Schulman to Scott R. Beall, 514 Fourth Ave., Tyrone, $179,900.

Rebecca A. Chasse to Chelsea L. Hoffman, 109 Maple Ave., Altoona, $62,000.

Charles H. Bisignano and Beverly A. Hmel to C & J Rental Management LLC, 1301 Ninth At., Altoona, $27,000.

George K. and Marilyn J. Broadbent to Amber J. and Tighe B. Eaken, property in Antis Township, $111,000.

Herbert S. Jr. and Meredith M. Greene to 26 Stonestand LLC, property in Blair Township, $10,866.

Larry M and Donna L. Stoltenberg to Altoona Laser LLC, property in Altoona, $96,129.

William C. and Gladys S. Wagner to Longshadow Builders LLC, 195 Mountain Lane, Huston Township, $58,000.

Richard W. and Sharon F. Cessna to HPD Flip 2019 LP, 300 Byron Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Ryan S. and Lori J. Rupert to Krystal D. Dyer and Princess Property Management, 717 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $17,000.

John K. and Irene R. Longenecker to Longshadow Builders LLC, property in Juniata Township, $15,000.

Martin Herzog to Patrice and Michael Delbaggio, property in Snyder Township, $12,000.

Gregory J. and Jessica Sheets to Harry Harr and Wendy A. Ororke, 1002 Third St., Altoona, $64,000.

Larry A. Salyer to Jarod A. Sather, property in Tyrone, $14,281.

Huntingdon County

Amy R. Hulek to Kingsley Geoffrey Charlesworth, property in Barree Township, $249,900.

Watson and Black Post No. 126 American Legion to Rodney J. and Carol A. Jenkins, property in Broad Top City, $20,000.

Josie L. and Josie Garlock to Heath M. Leonard, property in Cass Township, $40,000.

Barbara J. Burt to Marjorie A. McGlynchey, property in Cassville, $139,800.

Ramon H. and Linda L. Morgan to Caitlan G. Yingling, Roman H. and Linda L. Morgan, property in Cromwell Township, $50,262.

Patricia A. Corrie and Earlene K. French to Bradley N. and Gina L. Corrie, property in Cromwell Township, $122,500.

Martin R. and Lisa A. Parsons to John H. McAdoo, property In Dublin Township, $19,500.

Dalton C. Shade Estate to Casey C. McGraw, property in Henderson Township, $1,086,250.

Mark E. and Tracey D. Dixon to Cynthia L. Hess and David B. Kern, property in Henderson Township, $150,000.

Michael Cepek to Jonathan L. and Katie A. Peachey, property in Henderson Township, $425,000.

William T. and Heather N. Ledford to Rhonda E. Wegner Trust and Julia Ann Douglas Trust, property in Hopewell Township, $270,000.

Escape Properties LLC to Eric J. Morris, property in Hopewell Township, $20,000.

Barbara E. Foose and Cynthia A. Mayes to Reed M. Dell, property in Huntingdon, $120,000.

Barbara H. Moffat to Michael B. Speck, property in Huntingdon, $38,252.

Daniel E. and Samantha L. Kraft to Randall D. Neal, property in Huntingdon, $114,999.

Polly O. Walker and Christopher L. Doran to Randy L. and Leslie E. Sherrick, property in Huntingdon, $249,000.

Joseph F. IV and Stephanie L. Colon to Wayne A. and Michelle E. McVey, property in Union Township, $224,900.

Sandi L. and Sandra L. Lewis to Landon J. and Heather E. Fisher, property in Walker Township, $100,000.

Gary William Keim to Kevin T. Wolfinger and Allsion L. Stemko, property in Walker Township, $220,000.

Harold E. and Hal E. McLaughlin Estate to Scott F. and Gail L. Ulrich, property in Walker Township, $285,000.

Clearfield County

James R. and Lisa M. Shirley to Shaun M. and Lisa M. Kanouff, property in Lawrence Township, $179,000.

Norma L. Ireland Estate to Elaine M. Davis, property in Girard Township, $95,000.

Christopher J. and Lisa A. Howe to Joshua Jon and Katie Patricia Kerlin, property in Cooper Township, $72,500.

Martin P. and Shelly A. Raymond to Gertz Properties LLC, property in Decatur Township, $25,000.

Kelsey S. Reed to Paige Fudalski, property in Clearfield, $110,000.

Gary L. Berkely to Anthony J. Perry, property in Cooper Township, $135,000.

Lawrence M. and Amy L. Way to Zimmerman Rentals LLC, property in DuBois, $38,000.

Ben G. Lowman Jr. to M Norris Enterprises LLC, property in Houtzdale, $200,000.

Larry B. Mohney Sr. to Holly Marie Walker, property in Clearfield, $20,000.

Sara B. Turner to Jason C. Walker, property in Bradford Township, $13,500.

Colonial Savings to Mark A. and Jodi L. Schultz, property in Clearfield, $20,000.

Barry and Joan E. English to Carl P. Zwick, property in Morris Township, $49,000.


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