Blair County

Walter R. Shoeman to Laura J. McGowan, property in Altoona, $19,500.

Brian D. Camberg and Rebecca L. Lutz to David J. and Jamie T. McGreal, 110 24th Ave., Altoona, $154,500.

Evelyn Lack to Daniel Querry, 2427 16th Ave., Altoona, $82,000.

Rosa Castrechini to Michael W. and Lorijeanne E. Campbell, 311 E. Bell Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

James J. and Deborah J. Dambeck to Brian D. and Rebecca L. Camberg, property in Logan Township, $220,000.

Jeffrey P. Grannas to Conner Lee Shook, 1227 Locke Mountain Road, Hollidaysburg, $118,000.

Morgan Stanley Capital Inc. Trust 2006-HE1 to Wayne A. Baker, 734 Sage Hill Drive, Williamasburg, $39,160.

C & J Rental Management LLC to Church in the Middle of the Block LLC, 418 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Kenneth J. Greenwood to Stephen G. Kasun, 1311 Third St., Juniata, Altoona, $100,000.

John R. III and Lyndsey Carey to Bernard C. Ickes Jr., 5500 Grandview Ave., Altoona, $145,000.

Amy Hosband and Amy McCutcheon to Amy L. Ieraci, 8 W. Cottage St., Tyrone, $48,000.

Donald E. and Rhonda E. Wallace to Craig A. Wallace, property in Allegheny Township, $146,200.

David A. and Jordyn B. Betar to Robert A. Ardrey, 41 Seneca Ave., Altoona, $215,000.

Brooke D. Sprankle to Daniel L. Sprankle, property in Bellwood, $88,000.

Corey and Amy Smola to Matthew L. Gochnour, property in Williamsburg, $99,900.

Kristina Over and Daniel Ayers to Kathy M. Henderson, property in Tyrone, $106,000.

Susan A. Claar to Mildred Mezquite, 5440 Colclesser Ave., Altoona, $63,900.

Elizabeth B. Lewis and Jason T. Cielen to Abigail M. Spillman, property in Roaring Spring, $126,000.

Rocca Alianiello to Joanna Conway, 505 22nd Ave., Altoona, $126,000.

Susan Moore, Jolene Young, Beth A. Smyder, Donald L. Moore and Wendy M. Moore to Kenneth D. Young, property in Antis Township, $96,000.

Clearfield County

Stephen P. and Natalie Verchick to Blue Sky Realty LLC, property in Lawrence Township, $14,500.

Cristina M. Burns to Rhonda and Raeann Chandler, property in Bigler Township, $25,000.

All Seasons Hunting & Fishing Club Inc. to EHR LLC, property in Union Township, $17,000.

All Seasons Hunting & fishing Club Inc. to EHR LLC, property in Union Township, $28,000.

Romeo T. Quiambao to Tyler K. Wilson and Leslie M. Hoye, property in Sandy Township, $126,500.

Edward M. and Deborah A. Thompson and Holly A. and James Smith to Holly A. and James Smith, property in Houtzdale, $20,000.

Laverne Marie Gilbert Estate to Mary Jane Timko and Tricia Faraone, property in DuBois, $112,900.

John A. and Cheryl A. Bloom to 421 Locust St LLC, property in Curwensville, $235,000.

Christopher L. and Jessica L. Ullery to Brittany Nicole Socash, property in Grampian, $94,900.

Timothy D. and Diane M. Iraca to Alan R. and Roger L. Larson, property in Graham Township, $20,600.

Collis D. and Mary F. Smeal to James A. Bechtold, property in Boggs Township, $59,375.

Liddle Enterprises LLC to Todd J. Watt, property in DuBois, $13,000.

William J. and Susanne M. Shirokey to Susan Anita, Charles S. and Matthew C. Mitchell, property in Cooper Township, $14,900.

Martin L. and Natalie J. Gormont to Isaac M. and Michalene A. Knepp, property in Cooper Township, $100,000.

Melanie A. Gagnon to Adam C. Fisher, property in Clearfield, $39,000.

Jessica L Minor to Adam Rougeaux, property in Covington Township, $115,000.

Susan M. Iddings to Kurt D. Johnson, property in DuBois, $77,500.

Dennis J. and Brenda Jo Kovalick to Bradley and Natasha Eaton, property in Morris Township, $270,000.

Huntingdon County

Mar Leasing Co. Inc. to Todd A. Morocci, property in Carbon Township, $35,584.

Frank W. and Kathleen M. Battershell to Sonny L. and Lisa M. Williamson, property in Cass Township, $17,000.

Judith M. Brady and Beverly A. Wisner to Darlene E. Wible, property in Clay Township, $20,448.

Joseph J. Jr. and Elaine M. Semeister to David M. and Anita M. Hallman, property in Clay Township, $50,000

Joseph J. Jr. and Elaine M. Semeister to David M. and Anita M. Hallman, second property in Clay Township, $27,000.

Daniel M. Linam and Judith A. Bassett to Nicholas R. and Nicole I. Brown, property in Cromwell Township, $89,000.

Charles A. Hand to Jason and Kelly McClure, property in Cromwell Township, $40,000.

Jonathan C. and Sarah A. Peachey to Dody M. Metzger, property in Cromwell Township, $130,000.

Barbara G. Stone and Karen G. Kegerreis to Jay and Cynthia Laughman, Herbert and Arlene Hess, property in Dublin Township, $159,000.

Charles B. and Carol H. Swigart to JAW Realty LLC, property in Huntingdon, $93,500.

Blaine E. Corbin to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon, $30,000.

Ronald N. Parks to Sandra L. Lewis, property in Huntingdon, $50,000.

Christian Missionary Alliance Church to Jessica J. Roll, property in Huntingdon, $20,000.

Julie A. and Brody D. Brunner to Lisa Gray Harris, property in Mount Union, $90,000.

Joseph B. and Janice M. Brenneman to Cory M. Sisto, property in Mount Union, $60,000.

Joseph B. and Janice M. Brenneman to Cory M. Sisto, second property in Mount Union, $85,000.

Jay A. and Lora E. Myers to Thomas L. and Darlene G. Dufalla, property in Penn Township, $269,900.

Kathrine A. and Robert J. Wertz to Lori A. and Randy R. Stevens, property in Springfield Township, $85,000.

Harold K. Lynn Estate to James E. and Brenda L. Sipes, property in Todd Township, $160,000.

Richard D. and Janet L. Gill to James E. and Lorna L. Hyslop, property in Union Township, $135,000.

Michael J. and Karen J. Fedash to Douglas Weber and Elizabeth Martin, property in Juniata Township, $362,000.

Terry J. and Mary Ann Warner to Anthony James Quarracino Jr., property in Juniata Township, $30,000.

Gary Dale and Kim Collins to Zachary S. and Erin Evans, property in Lincoln Township, $150,000.

Thomas Lee Morningstar Estate to Tosten Judy Morningstar, property in Lincoln Township, $23,000.

Kurt L. and Bridget M. McKinney to Lee B. Petnick and Laura Reed Beckley, property in Miller Township, $89,900.

Delores J. Couch to Christopher L. Geltmacher, property in Miller Township, $80,000.

George J. III and George J. Harris to Christopher G., Herbert M. and Pamela G. Roberts, property in Mount Union, $40,000.

Brian and Debra Howe to Tanner J. Hutchison and Mariah L. Reihart, property in Petersburg, $159,900.

Lorraine B. Spock to Stone Ridge Enterprise LLC, property in Petersburg, $82,500.

Mark A. and Lisa L. Von Sternberg, Kevin C. and Ellen C. Vaughey to Aaron and Tanya Hartman, property in Porter Township, $369,900.

Alexander Jon Shoaf to Alexander Jon Shoaf and Kathryn Logue Finkenbinder, property in Porter Township, $239,302.

Edward F. Jr. and Susan M. Harry to Timothy G. Castiglione and Torri L. Salucci-Cozart, property in Shade Gap, $181,000.

Russel A. and Mary A. Osman to Matthew P. Shaub, property in Shirley Township, $167,900.

James E. and Jeanne M. Geiling to Richard K. and Holly A. Brosey, property in Shirley Township, $72,500.

Craig A. and Rachel R. Mills to Cathy S. Kidd, property in Smithfield Township, $125,000.

Catherine V. Frank to Michael E. Shoemaker and Katrina C. Ritchey, property in Smithfield Township, $99,500.

David R. Griffith Trust, Griffith Brothers a partnership, David R., Gloria J., Richard R. and Pamela A. Griffith to Matthew W. and Elizabeth A. Sharpless, property in Smithfield Township, $600,000.

Eric L. and Penny L. Orndorf to Dale R. and Dianne M. Eichelberger, property in Springfield Township, $252,000.

Etta S. Cutshall to Darrell G. and Sue Brunner, property in Springfield Township, $166,000.

David E. Wiser to Marlin L. II and Lucinda M. Swarner, property in Tell Township, $79,000.


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