Blair County

Cory L. Cannarsa to Michael J. Steininger, 1015 Hilltop Drive, Duncansville, $150,000.

Aaron C. Ritchey to Gerald D. Piper Jr., property in Freedom Township, $70,000.

Timothy M. Jr. and Audra A. Harding to Ryan T. and Justine N. Jagel, property in Altoona, $79,900.

Richard A. and Penny J. Martino to FP Rentals LLC, property in Altoona, $18,500.

Thomas A. and Rohnda M. Isenberg to Hayden J. and Kristie N. Long, property in Allegheny Township, $255,000.

Kent A. and Mary J. Walter to Confer Family Irrevocable Trust, property in Greenfield Township, $184,000.

Joseph F. Jr. and Ashley C. Marra to Elsie K. Alston, 2818 Pine Ave., Altoona, $37,500.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Patricia A. and David J. Walter, 230 Hattie Lane, Claysburg, $50,000.

Joey D. and Joan M. Moses and Joellen L. Mikula to Rodney P. Jr. and Terra L. Smith, property in Taylor Township, $120,000.

Matthew A. and Beth A. Delozier to Matthew J. and Alanna D. Parsons, property in Blair Township, $450,000.

Jared S. and Lindsay M. Pelkey to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., property in Blair Township, $129,000.

Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Penny R. Burket, 1213 Countryview Dr., Duncansville, $129,000.

Trina A. Sassano to Shawn A. and Jacine C. Harr, 607 Beaumont Drive, Altoona, $194,500.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Joseph A. Gilbert-Kehoe, 1808 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Steven R. and Nancy A. Thompson to Pat O. Osemwegie, 2302 Third Ave., Altoona, $53,500.

Orchard Avenue LLC to Theresa E. and Francis M. Solarczyk, property in Frankstown Township, $477,080.

Timothy L. and Stephanie Wills and Thomas A. Russo to Connor Campbell, 1417 12th St., Altoona, $75,000.

Beverly J. Motsic to Deborah Beckwith, 1811 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Dennis W. and Heidi P. Detwiler to Edward L. Bennett Jr., 551 Cherry St., Roaring Spring, $97,900.

Bedford County

Francis J. III and Kimberly Gaudio to John J. Wagner Jr., property in Cumberland Valley, $297,000.

Frank H. Jr. and Lisa R. Stahlman and Baron V. and Patricia D. Leap to Mickeal L. Shroyer, property in Hyndman, $50,000.

Norman M. Thayer, Keith T. Thayer and Vincent L. Thayer to Patricia A. and Keith T. Thayer, property in Juniata Township, $12,000.

Edward Hixon to Jonathan A. and Dawn R. Chamberlain, property in Hopewell, $29,000.

Jo Ann and Philip Ziegler to Shelia M. and Christopher. Umstot, property in Bedford Township, $61,500.

John S. and Sherry M. Leister to Everett Properties LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $145,000.

Edward Steele to Elizabeth A. and David J. Stele, property in Hopewell Township, $90,000.

Zan M. and Glenn D. Hickman to 2AT Publishing LLC, property in Kimmel Township, $24,000.

Patricia H. and Larry S. James to Nicole Ann and Joshua Adam Ritchey, property in Liberty Township, $29,770.

Morgan J. and Christopher M. McCahan to Rachel M. and Dalton L. Foor, property in Everett, $133,000.

Lorissa L. and John J. Yothers to Mandy G. May, property in Bedford Borough, $129,000.

Eric L. Conibear to Crystan M. and Daniel J. Reed, property in West St Clair Township, $450,000.

King Township to Zachery C. and Richard A. Long, property in King Township, $15,000.

Lisa Gearhart to Katrina S. Negley and William R. Reighard, property in Woodbury Township, $113,230.

Mary Susan Wilson to Nicole L. Claar, property in Bedford Borough, $80,000.

Brenda J. and Stanley E. Palmer to MJM Rentals Inc., property in Everett, $60,000.

Allen J. Jr. and Candice L. Lockard to William Conway, property in Londonderry Township, $137,000.

Ginger Rummell to MaryAnn B. and William D. Reed, property in Bedford Township, $130,000.

Church Hill Manor LLC to Cherie A. and Richard H. Lang, property in Bedford Township, $57,000.

Jeremy Todd Cessna to Brenda L. Jordon, property in East St. Clair Township, $35,000.

Clearfield County

Curtis E. Smith to Chad D. O’Donnell, property in Osceola Mills, $14,000.

Keith A. Klingler, attorney in fact, and Elaine F. Klingler, by attorney in fact, to Ryan P. Greene and Dennis L. Patrick, property in Burnside Township, $45,000.

Paul Marshall to Jerry L. and Wanda J. Kennedy, property in Newburg, $35,000.

Glenne E. III and Elaine Smith and Shelby Luann Muth to Rose Ann Dunworth, property in Huston Township, $90,000.

Dan R. and Ida D. Wengerd to Daniel S. Kurtz, property in Brady Township, $94,000.

Richard J. and Cheryl Gray to Paul Delcambre III and Kip T. Assalone, property in Sandy Township, $239,000.

Wilson Capital LLC to Joshua Wells, property in Sandy Township, $140,000.

Ronald A. Hanslovan to Blake J. and Cierra D. Sechman, property in Sandy Township, $68,500.

Dennis L. and Dana A. McCahan and Walter C. Prave to Kyle and Lacey Sarvis, property in Ferguson Township, $138,000.

Kyle R. and Lacey Sarvis to Wesson J. Shimel and Sabbatha Forcey, property in Pike Township, $95,000.

Sherry D. Ippolito to Jeffrey Butler, property in Bradford Township, $95,000.

Huntingdon County

James A. W. and Julie L. Reichard to Tyler S. Bubb, property in Juniata Township, $59,900.

R-B Enterprises LLC to Martin D. and Diane E. Myers, property in Lincoln Township, $120,000.

C A T Properties LLC to Sarah McSorley, property in Lincoln Township, $280,000.

Brian G. Sheaffer Sr. and Shawnee M. Bowser, Shawnee M. Harker to Brian G. Sheaffer Sr., property in Marklesburg, $150,187.

O. Edward Jr. and Debbie L. Hamman to Andrea L. Mills, property in Mount Union, $65,000.

David M. and Bonalyn K. Garner to Michael J. and Amy S. Behrendt, property in Penn Township, $26,000.

Debra A. Norris to Michael P. and Kylie M. McNerlin, property in Penn Township, $238,000.

Robert D. Monihen to Gregory N. Toth, property in Porter Township, $100,000.

Ruth S. Gettle to Kevin A. Gilmore, Jason and Melissa E. Quinones, Ryan W. C. and Hilary M. Buchanan, property in Porter Township, $80,000.

Jonathan E. and Maria H. Little to Devin R. Gilliland and Savannah D. Byers, property in Saltillo, $167,000.

Samuel and Linda S. Beiler to Clarence R. Carper III, property in Shirley Township, $22,000.


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