Blair County

A. David and Maryu Villani to Shannon O’Brian Properties LLC, 2414 Third Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Elizabeth S. Hare to James M. Yuhnke, 115 Logan Blvd., Altoona, $102,400.

George and Mary B. Berger to B and B Properties and Maintenance LLC, 2827 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $43,000.

David R. and Shirley J. Knapp to Barry J. Schumacher, 2206 Third Ave., Altoona, $78,400.

Paul G. and Sandra E. Miller to Robert M. Whiteman, 802 Park Ave., Tyrone, $116,000.

Michael A. Summerson and Rosaura Antonaccio, 805 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, $192,000.

John B. Danella II to Heather J. Brown, 1129 18th Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Thomas H. and Deborah G. Schunk to Anthony J. DeAntonio and Melinda S. Barr, property in Altoona, $118,000.

Karen A. Benton to Lynn T. and Judith A. Rosser, 1112 Church St., Hollidaysburg, $45,000.

Christopher J. Denk to Siri Real Estate LLC, 1218 14th Ave., Altoona, $34,500.

David L. Jingozian to Cruz Rivera Jr. and Kellie A. Liebegott-Rivera, property in Allegheny Township, $249,900.

Thomas R. and Dorothy J. Price to Tyler W. Davis, 3621 Oak Ave., Altoona, $63,000.

Joshua J. and Amanda E. Siglin to Adam C. and Lyndsey B. Goddard, property in Frankstown Township, $495,000.

Richard S. and Patricia J. Clemens to Brock L. and Holly Kreider, property in Roaring Spring, $139,000.

Howard R. and Sylvia L. Noel to Jarrid A. and Ashley E. Johnson, 312 Beech Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Robert A. and Christie M. Smick to Rickie E. Jr. and Bethany J. Hainsey, property in Logan Township, $215,000.

Melvin C. Weyandt to Michael H. Stolz, 1509 25th Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Marjorie G. Jackson to Mikayla E. O’Neal, 2601 10th St., Altoona, $78,500.

Bedford County

Amy S. Knisely to Kayla L. ODonnell, property in Bedford Borough, $ 167,500.

Richard L. and Beverly S. Spochart to Ryan Joseph Kegg, property in King Township, $151,000.

Sallie R. Gray to Carissa L. and Kenneth P. Restly Jr., property in Junaita Township, $430,000.

Mark Stephen Lankey, Gary Alan Lankey, Robert Eugene Lankey and Charles Thomas Lankey to Wade D. Rose and Ginger R. Mearkle, property in Bedford Township, $225,000.

Dorothy D. Showalter to Elias S. Brallier, property in Hopewell Township, $62,500.

Sylvia Leanne and Wade B. Zufall to Tammy R. and John R. Tritt, property in Mann Township, $90,000.

Connie L. Cronemiller to Spencer J. Kensinger, property in Hopewell Township, $53,000.

Fred R. Stonesifer to Ynot Lodge LLC, property in Southampton Township, $965,360.

John and Toni Gontis to Barbara and Edward James, property in East Providence Township, $275,000.

Edward A. Morningstar to Shawn Stiffler, property in Bedford Borough, $75,000.

Gary and Janet Stoffer to Springs Getaways LLC, property in Bedford Township, $56,375.

Patricia, Richard and Patrica Gautheir to Ryan A. Leonard, property in Kimmel Township, $43,900.

Mary Regina Miller to Jacob T. Snowden, property in Bedford Township, $135,000.

Joan E. McDonald to Mark S. Smith, property in Snake Spring Township, $105,000.


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