Blair County

Denis Enterprises to Anthony Pasquini, 707-709 Sixth St., Altoona, $165,000.

Branndon S. and Amanda Stolz to Tori Harf, 3034 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $67,500.

Wade E. Winslow to Donald E. and Marie B. Peachman, property in Logan Twp., $15,000.

Doug B. and Whitney L. Simmons to Cynthia A. Hampton, property in Altoona, $110,000.

Adam L. and Sarah J. Wicker, property in Hollidaysburg, $60,000.

Eleanor S. Feltenberger to Richard A. Schmerbeck and Brenda Kelley, property in Tyrone Twp., $92,900.

Debra L. Riggin and Jennifer L. Keagy to Susan M. Gray, 3016 Spruce Ave., Altoona, $125,000.

Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to SE-H Division LLC, 1427 21st Ave., Altoona, $16,000.

William T. Williams to Scott T. and Laura H. Lawhead, property in Logan Twp., $48,895.

BCAT 2017-19TT to Bryant and Lynelle Martin, 2108 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $40,111.

John C. Hescox to Daniel A. and Artensa K. Dunkle, property in Frankstown Twp., $209,900.

Michael O. and Patty L. Brandt to Finelli Enterprises, 1821 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $10,000.

Michael D. and Stephanie N. Iachini to Josh J. Lemin and Lindsey M. Hoffner, 910 26th Ave., Altoona, $132,500.

Brian E. Worley to Stephen W. and Christine L. Dively, property in Blair Twp., $50,000.

Rebecca S. Barger to Lightner Real Estate Holdings LLC, property in Taylor Twp., $45,000.

Sherman G. Wilt to Sharon K. Futterer, 712-14 Strand Ave., Lakemont, $40,000.

St. Lukes Episcopal Church to RK II LLC, property in Altoona, $65,000.

Huntingdon County

Thomas E., Priscila Grove and Nancy K. Gibboney to Justin B. Gibboney, property in Barree Twp., $260,000.

CL45 MW REO 1 LLC to East Branch Construction LLC, property in Huntingdon, $22,500.

Priscilla Jean and Robert M. Feagley to SDL Strategies LLC, property in Huntingdon, $131,000.

Christopher M. Wright to Ray D. Hosterman, property in Huntingdon, $95,000.

Melanie C. MacDonald to Gerald W. and Kathi R. McCorkle, property in Huntingdon, $169,000.

Kenneth E. Hatch to Brent M. and Brittany E. Stoner, property in Miller Twp., $20,000.

Eugene D. Jr. and Rose V. Garber to Ariel R. Bair, property in Mount Union, $50,000.

Kevin and Caitlin J. Myers to Melissa C. Oswald, property in Mount Union, $129,800.

East Broad Top Railroad Preservation Association Inc. to TDB of Saxton LLC, property in Mount Union, $175,000.

Reuben F. Cunningham to Jay B. and Tracey J. Lazorcik, property in Oneida Twp., $155,000.

William L. Palmer to Martin B. and Melinda L. Wise, property in Orbisonia, $30,000.

Scott R. and Catherine Marshall to Michael J. and Deborah Burger, property in Penn Twp., $64,500.

Terry L. and Carol R. Smith to Jeffrey E. and Frances A. Bowman, property in Porter Twp., $85,000.

Betty M. Richardson Estate to Levi G. Fisher Jr., property in Porter Twp., $229,000.

Michael B. and Dennis R. Sroka to Candace M. Marlin and Brandon M. Carper, property in Shirley Twp., $97,000.

Dustin Robert and Began Dawn Brenneman to Allison C. Miller and Shane D. Sones, property in Smithfield Twp., $148,000.

Joshua M. Anderson to Ryan C. and Sara B. Noss, property in Union Twp., $266,000.

Marlin G. and Hope M. Brindle to Melvin C. and Hannah S. Fisher, property in Union Twp., $315,000.

Bradley J. and Joy E. Schmidt to Donald E. Smith and Bonita L. Mead, property in Warriors Mark Twp., $380,500.

Dry Hollow Hunting Club to Clearwater Conservancy of Central Pennsylvania, property in Warriors Mark Twp., $3,650,000.

Clearfield County

Charles W. Kelley to Robert Stevens, property in Boggs Twp., $103,000.

Lawrence J. and Kelly S. Goglin to Daniel P. Honchar and Kathryn R. Deangelo, property in Sandy Twp., $213,000.

Justin W. and Lisa Ann Campbell to Nathan W. Patten, property in Lawrence Twp., $220,000.

David Paul Anderson (executor) and James A. Anderson Estate to Shawn R. McCracken, property in Lawrence Twp., $119,900.

Rebecca O. McCamley and David M. Wood to Jacob R. Kriner and Breanna E. Williams, property in Morris Twp., $145,00.

Tyler J. Lucas to Cory A. Bryan, property in Gulich Twp., $195,000.

John Andrew Whitton to Barry S. and Linda Liv Rose, property in Cooper Twp., $46,000.

Steven William and Bonnie Lord to Jennifer Freeman, property in Lawrence Twp., $25,000.

Jennifer L. Graham and Jeffery J. Achmoody to Brittany A. McGarvey and Randy A. Weld Jr., property in Clearfield Borough, $159,900.

Randy J. and Taresa M. Deasey to Joshua D. and Molly E. Monella, property in Sandy Twp., $135,000.

Paula and Donald W. Bataille to Kasi N. and Timothy J. Martin, property in Morris Twp., $29,500.

Matthew T. and Marissa M. Henry to Richard A. Forberg and Ann L. Stager, property in Beccaria Twp., $249,000.

Jessica L. Neeper to David J. Ryan, property in Lawrence Twp., $80,000.

Edward J. and Bobbi Jo Jenkins to Kacey L. Osborne, property in Sandy Twp., $127,000.

Jeffrey A. Kyler (executor) and Gerald W. Kyler Estate to Marita and Robert Jr. Skacel, property in Bradford Twp., $120,000.

Lansberry Brothers Properties LLC to Raymond E. Sudik and Carla R. Rosselli, property in Morris Twp., $15,605.

Wilson Capital LLC to Donald E. and Sandra M. Fingers, property in Sandy Twp., $170,000.

Gary Vongunden to JDDS Rentals LLC, property in Curwensville, $14,000.

Steven Richard II and Chelsea Moore to Thomas J. and Katherine N. Riddle, property in Pike Twp., $145,000.

Olivette Lanigan and James H. Fogg to Donald I. and Rosemary A. Beebe, property in Sandy Twp., $80,000.

Brenda L. Reed and Howard Adam Lambing and Breonna Michele Ruffner, property in Sandy Twp., $259,429.

Persal Akat to Wendy Stone and Robert Chapman, property in Huston Twp., $159,000.

Michael W. II and Ashley Owens to Alexander and Alysa J. McCracken, property in Clearfield, $75,999.

Gary B., Cherie L., Michael J. and Tory S. Long to Michael J. and Tory S. Long, property in Bradford Twp., $99,000.

Matthew C. Kelce to K Realty LLC, property in Chester Hill, $480,000.

Frederick M. Neiswender and Courtney L. Kubista to Danid and Anyssa Caldwell, property in Curwensville, $175,000.

John H. Imbt and Jeffrey W. Stover to Teddy D. and Jennifer T. Sizemore, property in Bradford Twp., $383,000.

Michael J. and Brittany E. Gray to Jason E. and Shelana M. Gibbs McElvy, property in Sandy Twp., $340,000.

Aaron D. and Sarah Hostetler to Levi E. and Lizzie H. Miller, property in Troutville, $18,000.

Gerald C. and Terri M. Bumbarger to Shayne M. Evans, property in Clearfield, $34,000.

Melissa D. and Shawn M. Volpe to Austin L. Adkins and Lilly M. Larson, property in Huston Twp., $59,900.

Reuben J. and Laura J. Schlabach to Rudy J., elva F. and Benjamin J. Byler, property in Burnside Twp., $215,000.

Dustin D. Quigley to Matalica Jarvis, property in Lawrence Twp., $69,033.

Anthony L. and Lynette J. Hugill to Brandon S. and Ashley Struble, property in Newburg, $175,000.

Andrew Wyant and Sonya Federici to Andrew F. Wyant, property in DuBois, $16,000.


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