Blair County

Robert J. Lestochi to Devin M. and Dorothy A. Firment, 308 Tennyson Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Elizabeth M. Orr to Church in the Middle of the Block LLC, 227 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Betty A. Glass to Daniel Pielmeier, property in Tyrone Township, $179,000.

Richard A. and Penny J. Martino to Paige N. McClellan, 2114 15th Ave., Altoona, $85,250.

Erin M. Hennaman to Justin A. Shearman and Maura Koshute, 919 Race St., Altoona, $150,000.

June A. Otto to Ronald G. and Judith A. Wilson, property in Antis Township, $20,000.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc. to Aaron M. Kovach, property in Altoona, $109,900.

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Tyler Osterhout and Nicole Miller, 1361 Lincoln Ave., Tyrone, $30,000.

Lorraine D. Frank to Michael W. Clowson, 2720 Beale Ave., Altoona, $84,900.

Jeffrey L. and Lois J. Appleman to Stephen P. Tidd, 1209 Wade Lane, Duncansville, $305,727.

Richard G. Weller to Carl Nixon, property in Blair Township, 68,000.

Anita Sprankle and Eugene W. Wilson to Beau O. Klein, property in Snyder Township, $134,900.

Phillip W. George to Nicholas J. Fardink and Emma K. Jordan, property in Altoona, $190,000.

Paul and Jessica DiGennaro to Cody J. Hoffman, property in Altoona, $95,000.

Agnes G. Dixon to David G. and Eunice M. Musselman, property in Antis Township, $190,000.

Wendy S. and Michael J. Boone to Ian M. McFarland and Sophia C. Damiano, property in Altoona, $75,000.

Nelson R. and Jane E. Clabaugh to Tiffany M. Carper and Dillon M. Isenberg, property in Woodbury Township, $145,000.

Kathy J. Sollenberger and John M. Romano to Kathy J. Sollenberger, property in Tyrone Township, $70,735.

Timothy D. and Lois M. Rimmey to David A. Cox, property in Juniata Township, $10,000.

Violet M. Wallack to Frederick Family Limited Partnership, 104-08 25th Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Bedford County

Starr Properties & Management LLC to Abbey William, property in Kimmel Township, $16,000.

H. Richard Wolf to Donald W. and Colleen E. Ruby, property in Kimmel Township, $19,000.

Poplar Creek Properties LLC to Scott R. Itterly, property in Londonderry Township, $130,000.

William J. Blackburn to Kathryn B. Mason, property in Bedford Borough, $166,000.

Daniel M. and Catherine M. Thompson to Ester Custer, property in Kimmel Township, $40,000.

Beatrice A. Mellott to Crystal S. Miller, property in Hyndman Borough, $53,000.

James J. and Suzanne F. Gauthier to Donald W. and Colleen E. Ruby, property in Kimmel Township, $18,000.

Gregory L. Turner, Tammy Jo Shaffer, Sherry Gail Miller to Adam J. Miller, property in Londonderry Township, $60,000.

Luke Ray and Eva M. Martin to Emma H. Rissler, property in South Woodbury Township, $170,000.

Andrew Allen and Victoria L. Stahl to Randy A. and Dawn L. Smith, property in Snake Spring Township, $282,500.

Jonathan and Dawn Chamberlain to Tamara S. Wise, property in Broad Top Township, $135,000.

Kathleen Elizabeth and Craig M. Chagnon to Rick D., Allison G. and Jesse D. Martin, property in Broad Top Township, $10,000.

Metzler Family Limited Partnership to Dwayne G. and Loretta Martin, property in Woodbury Township, $100,000.

The Kidney Center LLC to Lux

Lucis Foundation Inc., George J. Frem, property in Snake Spring Township, $192,000.

Ruth L. Akers to Paul D. and Charlotte W. Trimble, property in West Providence Township, $145,000.

Community Alliance Partners LLC to Jil Aviation LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $275,000.

Eugene and Sara Lehman to Dena McCloskey, property in Cumberland Valley, $185,000.

Kathleen E. Hart, Kathleen E. Emerick to Anthony G, and Ronda S. Stair, property in Londonderry Township, $85,000.

Durrel Vaughn and Lori Donnell Eby to Calvin D. Ott and Brandy Cuncan, property in SouthHampton Township, $70,000.

Eric J. and Lisa M. Kuzo to Ronald J. and Kimberly A. West, property om Juniata Township, $188,500.

G. Louise Ritchey to Ely Cannon, property in South Woodbury Township, $1 68,000.

Paul E. Jr. and Kitty P. Potea to Murray Paul Schrotenboer, Jane Hubbard Galloway and Hubbard Galloway Jane, property in Mann Township, $45,000.

Steve and Daniel Feather to James G. Jr. and Kathleen R. Young, property in Pavia Township, $76,000.

Richard James and Cheryl Ann Cook to Frank C. and Joann Kues, property in Cumberland Valley, $70,000.

Richard E. Cohen to Eric G. Martin and Lisa A. Labar, property in Mann Township, $190,000.

Dalton L. and Rachel M. Foor to Donald W. Jr. and Barbara Ball, property in East St. Clair Township, $168,000.

Doris V. Shippey to Time Ministries Inc., property in Bedford Township, $25,000.

William L. and Helga Nuzzo to Joshua J. Pitts and Amandine S. Fevrier, property in Juniata Township, $700,000.

Chappell Family Trust to William R. Chappell Sr., property in Pavia Township, $45,000.


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