Huntingdon County

Donna K. Hooper Estate and Donna K. Bard Estate to Phillip Marks, property in Clay Twp., $145,000.

Harry E. Jr. and Virginia R. Fessler to Mark A. Morrow, property in Dudley, $15,000.

Tino and Rita P. Cirignotta to Emma Rae and Seth Maxwell Thomas, property in Huntingdon $117,500.

Valli Robinson McNeal to Huntingdon Area Habitat for Humanity Inc., $31,136.

Edward A. and Elizabeth A. Ewing, Elizabeth A. and Chris B. Fatzinger to Gregory J. and Vickie A. McKinney, property in Jackson Twp., $65,000.

Jane L. Wagner Estate to Eden L. Toddes, property in Mount Union, $49,800.

Pyramid Investment Group Inc. to Accelerated Wealth LLC, property in Springfield Twp., $22,300.

Andrew S. and Kimmy Jo Jensen to Bruce Martin and Martha Ryder Hulse, property in Spruce Creek Twp., $177,250.

Garry L. and Eleanor J. Sprankle to Nicholas J. Kowalski and Amanda Beckstead, property in Spruce Creek Twp., $206,000.

Gerald B. Speck to Vaughn D. and Nancy A. Murphy, property in Todd Twp., $32,500.

Gerald B. Speck to Vaughn D. and Nancy A. Murphy, 2nd property in Todd Twp., $32,500.

Gregory Leon and Kathleen D. Julius to Claude Saragosa, property in Union Twp., $26,900.

Karen E. Rinehart to Timothy R. Clevenger and Hope M. Moore, property in Union Twp., $215,000.

David M. and Drema L. Carman to Gail E. Moyer, property in Union Twp., $40,000.

Richard L., Eric B. and Craig R. Rineer to Richard D. and Kerri T. Shindle, property in Union Twp., $75,500.

Karen S. Young to George E. and Kathleen A. Weisner, property in Walker Twp., $43,000.

Dale W. and Margaret R. Miller to Thaddues and Nichole M. Haffey, property in Walker Twp., $34,500.

John David and Betsy Grace Yingling to Candace E. and Travis K. Sather, property in Walker Twp., $136,500.

William J. Brady to Adam Clark, property in Warriors Mark Twp., $95,000.

Waggoner Holdings LP and Waggoner Holdings LLC to Craig R. Goodrich, property in Wood Twp., $161,500.

Clyde G. and Joann S. Rohland to Andrew S. and Suzanne R. Williams, property in Barree Twp., $150,000.

Adele A. Cramer, Adele A. and Vaughn E. Dean to Rebecca L. Ellenberger, property in Barree Twp., $55,000.

Max R. Baer Jr. to Linda M. Pook, property in Cromwell Twp., $125,000.

Charles D. McDaniel to Charles D. McDaniel and Wanda L. Schneeman, property in Cromwell Twp., $40,000.

Lawrence H. and Sandra L. Martin to Spring Hollow Hunting Camp LLC, property in Dublin Twp., $1,050,000.

Brent D. Shoemaker to Brook E. and Sarah B. Shoemaker, property in Henderson Twp., $89,000.

Kenneth E. Luck III to Alan C. Patterson and Joan Steinberg, property in Hopewell Twp., $17,500.

Michael C. and Pamela A. Irwin to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $23,000.

Robert L. Geissinger Sr. Estate to Daniel J. Sheffield and Anna Kerri Porter, property in Huntingdon Borough, $200,000.

Ina Rae and James F. Lawson to John J. and Linda J. Stynchula, property in Huntingdon, $105,000.

M. Faith Fouse to Sean C. Houck, property in Lincoln Twp., $145,000.

John C. and Judith Mierley to Thomas F. and Athena Jerkovitz, property in Miller Twp., $305,000.

Richard P. and Gloria J. Newman to Todd J. and Tyi McCartney, property in Mount Union, $17,285.

Anne A. Taliff to Chelsea M. Hagans, property in Mount Union, $102,300.

Borough of Mount Union to Anne E. Taliff, property in Mount Union, $20,001.

Sharon D. Miller to Keith A. and Daphne A. Miller, property in Orbisonia, $75,171.

R. Lynn and Deborah J. Higgins to Robin L. Baer, property in Orbisonia, $115,000.

William S. Wilt Estate to Brittany R. Steele and Jason A. Satta, property in Penn Twp., $93,000.

Judy A. Donaldson to Black Log LLC, property in Shirley Twp., $31,250.

Betty A. Hall to David L. Jr. and Cindy W. Fisher, property in Walker Twp., $23,000.


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