­­­Blair County

JLC Holdings LLC to Anthony Hoey and Joseph J. Grassi Jr., property in Frankstown Township, $36,000.

Julie C. and Keith W. Deal to Hillary Kay Miller and Nathan Adam Stuller, property in Tyrone, $180,000.

Donna K. Beck to Edward C. Jr. and Sue A. Eger, property in Frankstown Township, $160,000.

Donna M. Boyer Benton to Scott E. Glass, Ilissa Zimmerman, and Grant S. and Ginger E. Glass, property in Juniata Township, $22,000.

Donna M. Boyer Benton to Scott E. Glass, Ilissa Zimmerman, and Grant S. and Ginger E. Glass, property in Juniata Township, $255,000.

Sergio D. Ceballos to Brittany Oschea, 1535-37, Second Ave., Altoona, $86,000.

Larry and Debra Ritchey to Donald B. Wagner, property in Newry, $60,000.

Arthur Hoenstine to Michael J. and Penny M. Hoenstine, property in Greenfield Township, $55,000.

Lucas A. and Kylee A. Harella and Kylee A. Baran to Ashley N. Shutt and Tyler D. Bertram, property in Logan Township, $160,000.

Plummer Family to Meghan L. Johnson and Paul T. Reed, 905 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, $210,500.

Philomenia Georgianna to Cover Property Management LLC, 712 Logan Ave., Altoona, $35,900.

Kevin T. and Valerie L. Cavooris to Allen R. Brumbaugh, 302 First Ave., Altoona, $44,000.

Joseph T. Greico and Deborah Carter to Suzanne L. Wise, 502 N. Second St., Altoona, $80,700.

Investment Savings Bank to Shawn P. and Patricia M. Burke, 2712-14 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $31,500.

Alice M. Karl and Robert P. Hostler to 1642 Old Route 220 N. Associates LLC, property in Logan Township, $262,380.

Nunzio Brian and Krista Leigh Rehm to John Matthew and Lori A. Slauter, 315 11th St., Altoona, $23,000.

Cynthia A. Riley and Cynthia A. and Francis W. Yalbinsky to Justin and Nicole Defurio, property in Frankstown Township, $38,000.

Jason T. Pupo to Emily J. Murtiff, property in Tyrone, $101,000.

Gary M. and Deborah J. Blankley to Richard S. III and Patricia J. Clemens, 402 E. Christiana St., Martinsburg, $167,000.

Jeffrey N. and Kathryn Kooman Starkey to Sara J. Straesser and Philip M. Yargosz, property in Frankstown Township, $490,000.

Bedford County

Donald E. and Dawn R. Hoover to Margaret R. Hays, property in Liberty Township, $65,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Brian L. Bain Sr., property in East Providence Township, $57,000.

Eric and Lisa Kuzo to Seth Jezeskie, property in Bedford Borough, $43,500.

Max H. Jr. and Karla D. Norris to Richard A. Thompson, property in Hopewell Township, $23,100.

Roy W. Jr. and Michelle A Rippeon to Roy W. and Holly A. and Roy W. Jr. and Michelle A. Rippeon, property in Monroe Township, $35,000.

Robin E. Kirk to Rebecca Kodges, property in Rainsburg Borough, $132,500.

Dove Franklin E. Jr. and Dove Frank E. Jr. to Eric T Dabbs, property in Monroe Township, $120,000.

Hoover Charles R. and Hoover Esta M. and Colledge Esta M. to Brian H. and Noelle M. McConnell, property in South Woodbury Township, $165,000.

Thomas T. and Janet E. Thomas to William K. Lazor and Andrea Runk, property in Broad Top Township, $13,000.

Scatton Barry R. and Logue Donley Jr. and Logue Donley C. Jr. and Logue Marianne D. to Six Gun Properties LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $235,000.

Lucas B. and Heather J. Hall to Cessna-Beegle Cori J. and Cessna Beegle Cori J. and Beegle Cori J Cessna and Beegle Crystal L., property in Colerain Township, $300,000.

Mary Louise Drake to Stephen and Melisa Bumgardner, property in Monroe Township, $585,000.

Tod W. and M. Jean Manspeaker to Robert and Christine E. Anderson, property in Snake Spring Township, $390,000.

Lena Gertrude to Robert J. Devore, property in Hyndman Borough, $75,000.

Norman J. Sollenberger to Jeremy J. and Kaitlyn P. Imler, property in South Woodbury Township, $719,000.

Lawrence J. and Virginia A. Bruno to Jesse A. and Gisele N. College, property in Napier Township, $28,000.

Jenna L. Jones to Abigayle B Diehl, property in Bedford Borough, $118,000.

Brenda L. and Hugh Rubolotta to Cory J. and Dawn R. Demko, property in Mann Township, $ 14,000.

Kecia L. Foor to Howard Decker III, property in West Providence Township, $149,900.

Timothy T. Braman, Manspeaker Timothy T. and Manspeaker M. Jean, property in Snake Spring Township, $185,000.

Huntingdon County

Edward David and Tammy Jo Carolus to Bushyeager Development Services Inc., property in Oneida Township, $42,000.

Patrick J. and Rosemarie I. Lawler to Shannon N. Phillips, property in Petersburg Borough, $68,000.

Donna K. Hooper Estate and Donna K. Bard Estate to Charles Richard Detwiler Jr., property in Saltillo Borough, $43,000.

Dale E. and Trudy Waite and Trudy D. Weldy to Franklin J. Fortney, property in Shirley Township, $50,000.

Bobbi J. Sunderland, Bobbi Jo Staph and Bobbi Jo Boozel to Roger L. and Andrea Y. Christoff, property in Smithfield Township, $925,000.

Louise E. Shope to Timothy I. McCartney, property in Springfield Township, $40,000.

Lytha R. McAlevy to Robin A. and Cindy L. Fissel, property in Spruce Creek Township, $380,000.

Bradley A. and Jill M. Yohn to Carl E. Sr. and Teressa A. Bilger, property in Tell Township, $280,000.

John K. Cowan to Craig and Shya Erdman, property in Walker Township, $20,000.

Bruce E. Cox to Matthew and Kaylee Harper, property in Warriors Mark Township, $65,000.


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