­­­Blair County

David M. Caputo to PSN LLC, 111 S. Main St., Altoona, $44,000.

Robert H. Issenhood to Bobbi J. Burger and Jesse M. Brown, property in Juniata Township, $100,000.

Ronald B. and Patricia B. Mallery to Skills of Central Pennsylvania LLC, 441 Cedar Blvd., Hollidaysburg, $211,500.

Jason A. and Linzi A. Wilkinson to Sandra L. Royer, 509 21st Ave., Altoona, $92,000.

Walter and Norma J. Shauf to Richard and Lori McCulloch, 1317 16th Ave., Altoona, $11,000.

Fred S. Jr. and Maryalice Joan Young to Tonetta McFadden, 2131 Ponderosa Drive, Altoona, $20,000.

LSF8 Master Participation Trust to Andrew T. Peterman, property in Juniata Township, $119,900.

Kevin L. and Kerri Ann Stever and Kerri An.. Burtnette to Jennafer D. Snyder and Linda M. Boone, property in Allegheny Township, $139,000.

George T. Parson to Nunzio Brian and Krista L. Rehm, property in Altoona, $26,000.

Martha R., Susan, David A. Jr., Roger, Roger E. and Doreen Diehl to Dorothy M. and Carolyn M. Crissman, property in Frankstown, $15,000.

Kathryn R. David to Todd Scott, 1924 Hudson Ave., Altoona, $119,900.

J&J Cleaning Service and Linda L. Greene to Simply Clean Carpert and Upholstery Services LLC, 2118 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $20,000.

Beverly J. Kelley to Melissa L. Smith, property in Logan Township, $100,000.

Virginia R. Rhine to Donald and Dorothy Defibaugh, property in North Woodbury Township, $119,900.

Dolores R. Perkins to Thu Evans, 127 N. Fifth Ave., Altoona, $26,600.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 707 and 709 20th St., Altoona, $40,000.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 1701-1707 Sixth Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 702 Third Ave., Altoona, $19,300.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 917-919 Eighth Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 2011 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $15,000.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 316 Walnut Ave., Altoona, $27,500.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 305 Second Ave., Altoona, $20,000.

Jeffrey K. Burgmeier to C&J Rental Management LLC, 2013 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Bedford County

HKSN Corp. to Jeremy L. Brechbill, property in West St. Clair Township, $165,000.

Deborah E. and Nathan N. Lindsey to Robert L. and Lisa M. Doyle, property in Kimmel Township, $122,000.

Gregory K. Sponsler to Aaron J. and Allison D. Green, property in West Providence Township, $115,000.

Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 2017-1 to Cove Community Theater, property in South Woodbury Township, $148,000.

Anthony J. Lanzendorfer and Brooke A. Stonerook to Brooke A Stonerook, property in Woodbury Township, $148,000.

Matthew A. and Giannie E. Beutman to Adam M. Arnold, property in Bedford Township, $ 145,000.

Michael L. and Diana M. Lafferty to Clyde E. and Alicefaye Leydig, property in Hyndman Borough, $103,400.

Donald H. and Beverly A Bloom to Candie Jo Bloom, property in West St. Clair Township, $70,000.

David L. and Donna Moore to Broyles Sylvia L Waid and Waid Broyles Sylvia L, property in Mann Township, $100,000.

Stiffler Robert I and Stiffler Robert Isaac to Byron G Jr., and Leanna Myers, property in Snake Spring Township, $85,000.

NRZ Reo VI-B LLC to Horizon Inspection Services LLC, property in East St. Clair Township, $ 32,000.

Joseph A. Miller to Mary A. and Steven C. Miller, property in Napier Township, $ 117,000.

Zachary R. Yohn to Michael S. Jr., and Senika P. Beck, property in Pavia Township, $ 290,000.

Sipes Richard Lee and Sipes Gary Wayne and Sipies Gary Wayne to Caleb W. Wagoner, property in West Providence Township, $60,000.

Keith and Beverly Johnson, Timothy and Diane Riggin, Roger and Patricia and Karen B. Hite to Briant E Jr. and Rebecca Thomas, property in Londonderry Township, $77,300.

Bedford County Development Association BCDA to Bedford County Development Assoc Association, property in Bedford Township, $1,151,131.

Wilson B. and Diane N. Reiff to Marcus N. Zimmerman, property in South Woodbury Township, $ 120,000.

Alan M. and Cynthia Roberts to Preston D Barkman, property in Mann Township, $58,750.

Jared M. and Tara Miller to Christopher Adam Troutman, property in Hyndman Township, $ 75,000.

Shank Leigh T. and Shaffer Leigh T and Shank Logan to Travis J. Zelanko, property in Bedford Borough, $185,000.

Clearfield County

William G. Boyce Jr. to John B. Sr. and Rebecca J. Wilson, property in Beccaria Township, $90,000.

Elayna J. Oaks to BTB Rentals LLC, property in DuBois, $47,500.

Christopher J. an dJennifer R. Shropshire to Lynda Joy and Jason Daniel Hastings, property in Dubois, $114,000.

Debra and Robert Rich to Patricia S. Morrison and Kevin B Faaborg, property in Sandy Township, $68,000.

Nancy R. and Mark Taylor and Michael J. II and Candice A. McKeegan to Korlan Strayer, property in Decatur Township, $92,000.

Cora E. Owens to Dennis Owens, property in Lawrence Township, $20,000.

Jerry Anthony and Betty J. Martin to Christopher T. and Angela J. Bainey, property in Cooper Township, $171,000.

Lisa Cataldi to Lola Gerg, property in DuBois, $170,000.

Richard B. and Kathryn F. Murawski to Harold G. Lora and Amanda L. Pentz, property in Curwensville Borough, $42,000.

Dustin D. Quigley to Nadine Davis, property in Clearfield Borough, $59,000.

Selene Finance LP to Kim A. and Timothy W. Eyerly, property in Morris Township, $12,920.

Benjamin N. Galandio and Brooke A. McCloskey to Shannon Shaw, property in Lawrence Township, $57,500.

Huntingdon County

Jay C. and Lora J. Lobach to Allyson L. Shoemaker, property in Cromwell Township, $269,000.

Carol and Carl Barnett to Leroy T. and Tonia J. Corbin, James C. and Judith K. Chamberlain, property in Carbon Township, $100,000.

Edward D. and Jean M. Price to Kenneth P. and Angela M. Bookhamer, property in Henderson Township, $354,000.

Steven J. and Steven John Diduch Estate to William and Julie Flannery, property in Hopewell Township, $70,000.

Antonio Mercede II and Katherine E. Cox to Jared M. Everetts, property in Huntingdon Borough, $132,000.

Andra K. Sipols, Andra and Matthew Minor to Christine M. Holst and Thomas J. Faust, property in Huntingdon Borough, $137,000.

S and A Homes Inc. and S and A Custom Built Homes Inc. to Matthew R. and Andra K. Minor, property in Huntingdon Borough, $234,900.

Samuel L. and Fannie L. Beiler to Michael S., Steven Jay and John Ervin Fisher, property in Jackson Township, $80,000.

Robert A. and Ava M. Nicholl to L&A Real Property LLC, property in Jackson Township, $480,000.

Raymond G. Burke to Julia Ann Douglas Trust and Rhonda E. Wegner Trust, property in Juniata Township, $855,000.

Kevin and Teresa Pawuk to David and Kathleen Stovich, property in Marklesburg Borough, $230,000.

Michele L. Gutshall to William F. and Stephanie R. Renninger, property in Mount Union Borough, $72,000.

Janet E. Flasher to Deborah Lynn Horwath, property in Mount Union Borough, $85,000.

Susan E. Morningstar, M. Annette and Robert D. Lloyd to Rodney E. and Michele R. Brenneman, property in Penn Township, $109,000.

Andrew S. and Kimmy Jo Jensen to John J. and Francine T. Hamilton, property in Spruce Creek Township, $25.000.

Robert L. Snyder to Richard E. Martin Jr., property in Tell Township, $49,000.

Ronald W. and Kathleen K. Fritz to Andre and Maureen A. Obendorfer, property in Todd Township, $11,000.

Walter L. Butler Sr. Estate to Kevin L. Crile, property in Union Township, $115,000.

U.S. Bank NA and Igloo Series III Trust to Dependable Services LLC, property in Walker Township, $60,500.

Kenneth L. and Tonyia M. Antongiorgi to Tyler James and Megan Elizabeth Prisk, property in Warriors Mark Township, $49,000.


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