­­­Blair County

John D. II and Gwendolyn M. Antesberger to Anthony D. Rodriguez and Joyce A. Hann, 2301-03 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Amanda D. Irvin and Amanda I. and Michael D. Petrecca to Stephen T. Mullins, 2806 Ivyside Drive, Altoona, $131,000.

S. Dwayne Meadows to Jason M. Caputo, 418 and 420 N. Ninth Ave., Altoona, $98,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Hetrick Holdings LLC, 307 Montgomery St., Hollidaysburg, $43,277.

Mark A. and Bobbie Jo Savino to Keith and Julie Deal, property in Tyrone, $35,000.

Betty L., John B. and Adam J. Richardson to J&A Property Holdings LLC, property in North Woodbury Township, $116,000.

Lou Kabello to Freedom Storage Rentals LP, property in Altoona, $41,500.

Patrick R. Drass to Harold D. Burket II and Bobbi J. Boozel, 521 Bellview Ave., Bellwood, $150,000.

Robert J. Lestochi to Frank E. Ayers Jr., 311-13 Tennyson Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Paulette M., Paul R. and Michelle M. Frederick to Salena L. and Cory K. Robertson, 705 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $69,900.

Bruce R. and Alison E. Davies to Mariah T. and Daniel V. Papi, property in Frankstown Township, $410,000.

Paul J. Mercer to Shea L. Fleck, 1424 20th Ave., Altoona, $63,000.

David A. and Candi J. Shannon to Sabrina M. Pearce and Christopher W. Anthony, property in Allegheny Township, $155,000.

James A. and Rhea C. Acker to Jamie S. Burns, property in Greenfield Township, $100,000.

Shirley A. Beck to Darlene C. Cox, property in Antis Township, $140,000.

Russell F. and Marilyn L. Brown to Craig R. Brown, 800-02 New St., Roaring Spring, $100,000.

Robert and Jenny M. Musto to Patricia Seidel, property in Altoona, $145,000.

Alvin B. Zimmerman to Moses S. and Katie B. Zimmerman, property in Woodbury Township, $1,250,000.

Holliday Hills to Nicole Bradley, property in Hollidaysburg, $193,806.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Beth A. McGeary, property in Logan Township, $25,000.

Frankstown Development Co. LLC to Paul E. and Marjorie L. Helsel, property in Frankstown Township, $194,151.

Patricia A. McDonald and George W. Glunt to Jan Glunt, property in Allegheny Township, $85,000.

Frankstown Development Co. LLC to Patricia A. Fargas, property in Frankstown Township, $194,022.

Justin C. Means to Robert P. Vaughn, 311 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

George D. Jr. and Suzanne E. Townsend to Far Far Away LLC, 2633-35 Maple Ave., Altoona, $43,500.

Jean F. Parker to Glenn E. and Cathy L. Bailey, 1906 Adams Ave., Tyrone, $130,000.

Janell E. Criswell to Alexander J. Sheesley, property in Woodbury Township, $63,000.

Bedford County

Ellsworth Lee Ford to Matthew Werner, property in Broad Top Township, $20,000.

Dixie L., Donald O., Laura M., and Robert B. Bingham to Robert and Megan Poet, property in Bedford Township, $47,500.

Wesley and Leann J. Clark to Justin S. Claycomb, property in West Providence Township, $160,000.

Kevin E. and Pamela Sue Cook to Walkerlay LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $100,000.

Hutton Family Trust to Ronald and Barbara Fleming, property in Mann Township, $440,000.

Cindy L. Shaffer to CSX Transportation, property in Hyndman Borough, $10,000.

Jennie D. Sielczak to Richelle and Andrew Ross, property in East St. Clair Township, $145,000.

Dorothy K. Fletcher to Daniel D. and Nicole C. Fletcher, property in Lawrence Township, $20,000.

Shirley M. Stanga to Jason and Jodi Troutman, property in Sandy Township, $75,500.

Richard J. and Cori L. Fasy to Christopher and Emily Kurcsics, property in Sandy Township, $72,000.

Lois A. Richards and James E. Bernardo EST to Lawrence A. Meholick, property in Sandy Township, $145,000.

Regina L. and Scott M. Swatsworth and Robert T. Lawhead to Talon S. Swatsworth, property in Lawrence Township, $210,000.

C. Hummel Real Estate LLC to Erica L. Stiles, property in Lawrence Township, $83,000.

Clearfield County

Craig Folmar to Raymond G. Albright, property in Decatur Township, $13,000.

Eric and Michelle D. Montowski to Kaitlyn Wilkinson, property in Brady Township, $365,000.

John M. and Mary E. Weaver to Jesse J. Lamison, property in Woodward Township, $14,000.

Kathleen J. McDonnell to Joshua Lee and Stormie Renee Carlson, property in DuBois, $81,265.

David A. Borelli to Real Equity LLC, property in DuBois, $39,000.

Bryce F. and Rona Zimmerman to Benjamin Preufer, property in Brady Township, $17,500.

Michael and Jennifer Maurer to Craig A. Kyler, property in Morris Township, $77,500.

Rudy O. and Kelly M. Cordon to Rachel O. Cordon, property in Clearfield Borough, $129,000.

Robert D. and Jen Brubaker Kriner to Matthew S. Brady and Erica E. Lyons, property in Sandy Township, $148,000.

Sandra Kay Butler to Mark S. and Allison C. Walker, property in Lawrence Township, $250,000.

Brian E. and Linda J. Spencer to Bonnie J. and Glenn L. Schauer, property in Sandy Township, $181,500.

Lucy Jane Kephart Living Trust and Elwood L. Kephart to Ernest Scott Allmond, property in Decatur Township, $92,500.

Eric V. and Luz Zwigart to Christopher D. Leitzell, property in Sandy Township, $345,000.

Richard N. and Kelly L. Hopson to Jussi J. and Nancie D. Apps Maijala, property in Sandy Township, $475,000.

Huntingdon County

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania and Citizens Bank NA to Heather N. Fellman, property in Petersburg Borough, $51,000.

Francis R. and Linda P. Knepper to Sandra Yocum, property in Rockhill Borough, $67,900.

Sharon K. Heath to Paige Low, property in Smithfield Township, $60,000.

Dawn M. Herzberg Estate to Megan L. Watkins, property in Three Springs Borough, $118,500.

Roger A. and Catherine O. Briggs to Todd C. and Holly L. Ray, property in Walker Township, $120,000.

Bald Eagle Land Co. and Blair County Development Corp. to Pennington Hunting Club, property in Warriors Mark Township, $126,979.

Caroline M. Robinette and Brandon A. Watkins Trust to Jason K. Jones and Pamela A. Scymanski, property in Wood Township, $80,000.


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