­­­Blair County

FAFA Management to David F. and Brent M. Toth to Edward Weiss, property in Greenfield Township, $93,000.

Dorothy G. and Dorothy M. Lattieri to Ronald and Patricia Mallery and Otto Dale and Darla Delaney Bumberger, 1091 Amelia Ave., Altoona, $111,100.

Martin I. Burket to Aliya G. Lafferty and James C. Novack, 2408 Third Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Kenneth C. and Janet M. Stover to Veteran Holding Co., property in Roaring Spring, $180,000.

Ralph W. Jr. and Irene L. Arthur to Rodney D. and Christine S. Feather, 109 Lily Pearl Drive, Hollidaysburg, $184,900.

Mary F. Campbell to C&M Countertops LLC, 314 and 316 14th St., Duncansville, $200,000.

Theresa A. Lear to Mark and Susan Henry, property in Blair Township, $20,000.

Zachary I. and Brittney J. Pepple to Austin G. Schobel and Stephanie K. Benton, property in Allegheny Township, $145,000.

Elmer H. and Mary Alice Lamborn to Kyley L. Longo and Ryan L.

McGarvey, property in Antis Township, $175,000.

Rhonda R. Chetney and Rhonda R. Gregg to Jason R. Emes and Andrea M. Berkheimer, property in Hollidaysburg, $300,000.

Leigh M. Irvin to Emily L. Sollenberger, property in Bellwood, $124,900.

Ryan Lestochi to Adam and Kelly Poorman, property in Altoona, $129,900.

Charles A. and Patricia Clippinger to George Thomas and Tammy J. Wood, property in Taylor Township, $174,900.

Sandra G. and Michael E. Ward to Thomas G. and Rebecca A. Frye, property in Frankstown Township, $385,000.

R. Leroy and Eric Bumgardner to Tracy M. Everhart, property in Williamsburg, $100,000.

Miguel Angel and Deborah J. Luciano to Cynthia N. Pace and Jeffrey S. Beal Jr., property in Blair Township, $298,000.

Janet L. Leipold and Jamie A. and Warren F. Rhyner III to Steven J. Shilling, 3208-10 Broad Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

Joan M. Kibler to Carol J. Decker, 414 26th Ave., Altoona, $85,000.

Blachen Darthula to Renee L. Noel, property in Frankstown Township, $95,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Charles G. and Tammy M. Dwyer, property in Allegheny Township, $39,600.

Jeanette M. Sweeney to Laura C. Danastasio, property in Logan Township, $128,500.

Luke Z. and Velma S. Zimmerman to Troy D. Zimmerman, property in Huston Township, $65,000.

Roger A. and Antoinette M. White to Ronald Adams, 1417 First Ave., Altoona, $30,000.

Brendon B. and Amber J. Grover to Bobbin W. Corey, property in Allegheny Township, $150,000.

Joseph K. and Patricia L. Yingling to Brett A. Shaw, property in Greenfield Township, $215,000.

Walter J. Weyandt to Joseph K. and Patricia L. Yingling, property in Greenfield Township, $120,000.

Bobbin W. Corey to Marlena C. Weimer, Beverly E. Nash and Nancy D. Martz, property in Antis Township, $170,000.

Warren C. Baker to Thedore E. and Kari Sue Biddle, property in Snyder Township, $40,000.

Kenneth C. and Mary L. Hearn to Leigh M. and Benjamin Irvin, property in Tyrone,$287,000.

Diana L. Lego to Michael R. and Lavonne S. Ford, 201 Winding Knoll Road, $229,200.

Bedford County

Steven P. and Mary Lou Clapper to Jared P. and Ashtan Hess, property in Broad Top Township, $67,655.

John J. Kanaskie to Dwayne L. and Lois A. Alspaugh, property in South Hampton Township, $110,000.

John J. Kanaskie to Dwayne L. and Lois A. Alspaugh, property in South Hampton Township, $200,000.

Brenda Knotts, Brenda L. and Jerry L. Gibbner to Jerry L. Gibbner, property in Londonderry Township, $57,000.

Edward Mowry to Michael J. Whitfield, property in Juniata Township, $50,000.

Fay E., Gloria J., Jerry W. and Connie Sue Leydig to Red Peak Properties LLC, property in Londonderry Township, $55,000.

Cara N. McDonald and Trevor Johnson to Megan T. Pepple and Joshua T. Dively, property in West St. Clair Township, $67,500.

William B. Davis to Douglas A. and Catherine L. Adamo, property in King Township, $163,500.

Deborah Ann Brady to Troy J. Hay, property in Everett Borough, $250,000.

Kelly J. Rodgers, Kelly J. Dallmeyer, Dennis C. Rodgers, Carl E. and Molly L. Dallmeyer to Hillside Terrace MHP LLC, property in East St. Clair Township, $800,000.

Susan L. Matula to Daniel M. and Thelma Mae Esh, property in Soouthhampton Township, $415,000.

Horace J. and Joyce E. Drake to Redwan Nazem and Leslie Michelle Youssef, property in Cumberland Valley, $70,000.

Horace H. and Joyce E. Drake to Redwan Nazem and Leslie Michelle Youssef, property in Cumberland Valley, $95,000.

Scott M. and Jaren Emanuel Love to Kelly Jo Adams, property in Snake Spring Township, $110,000.

David A. Gates to Deborah K. Melzer, property in Everett Borough, $80,000.

Dwight W. Morrow to Howard E. and Gayle L. Kelch, property in Mann Township, $67,500.

Douglas Eichelberger to William J. and Jodi A. Schnoor, property in Broad Top Township, $139,000.

Florence I. Ritchey and Florence W. Ritchey to Nelson N. and Linda J. Reiff, property in South Woodbury Township, $880,000.

Kevin C., Keith A. and Carl E. Oldham to James L. III and Ashley M. Endress, property in East St. Clair Township, $137,000.

David A. Sr. and Cathy M. Burkett to David A. Jr, and Courtney M. Burkett, property in Kimmel Township, $150,000.

Martin F. Hucik Jr., Dorothea Dietz, Cynthia Markley, Gary M. Hucik, Barbara Behounek to Kenneth A., Angela J. Zimmerman, and Michael W. JR., and Christine D. Shaffer, property in Londonderry Township, $12,000.

Nelson and Linda J. Reiff to Stanley W. and Luann W. Reiff, property in Bloomfield Township, $500,000.

Donald L. and Sandra D. Howsare to Miash LLC, property in West Providence Township, $180,000.

Clearfield County

Sara J. Merritt to Anthony N. Pase Jr., property in Cooper Township, $130,000.

Scottsdale Mortgage Fund One LLC to Crisiti L. and William N. Herbert, property in Karthaus Township, $31,000.

David E. and Kathleen L. Bressler to Tyson Douglas and Airel Dawn Stone, property in Lawrence Township, $233,750.

Mark E. and Mary Elizabeth Jones to Scott Laroy, property in Sandy Township, $55,000.

Zachary P. Murawski to Luke T. and Leesha K. Rannels, property in Bigler Township, $66,370.

Ryan Butterbaugh to Raymond G. Albright, property in Decatur Township, $66,000.

Larry R. Jr. and Joy L. Howe to Larry R. Howe Jr., property in Pike Township, $14,900.

Timothy J. Britton to Teri Nichole Groves, DuBois, $80,000.

David B. Coble to Rick A., Lynn M. and Thomas A. Barger, property in Decatur Township, $30,000.

Vic and Magda Rodriguez Hunt to Matthew J. and Veronica R. Dohoda, property in Goshen Township, $92,000.

Elwood G. and Vicki Quick to Rick McGivney and Rodney Pedmo, property in Cooper Township, $10,000.

Clint C. and Kimberly J. Robison to Taylor L. Ammerman, property in Clearfield Borough, $132,000.

Kelly M. Spaid and Randy Lee Spaid Est to Gage Resch, property in Sandy Township, $69,000.

David J. and Judith M. Boyle to Michael S. Misko, property in Knox Township, $70,000.

David J. Cursio to Donna M. Zingaro, property in Sandy Township, $171,000.

Louis Kent Carns to Renee Ann and Brian Edward Kessler, property in Clearfield Borough, $25,000.

John S. Jr. and Margaret A. Sass to Kimberly I. McKenrick and Mary Jane Pentland, property in Lawrence Township, $45,000.

Samuel C. and Barbara S. Yoder to Wallie A. and Sarah J. Byler, property in Greenwood Township, $184,000.

Fox Land Restoration & Resources Recovery LLC to Marty and Stacey Lucas, property in Lawrence Township, $139,500.

Thomas R., Larry E. and Melody L. Irwin and Lick Run Resources LLC to Leslie C. Wriglesworth, property in Lawrence Township, $73,204.

Joseph B. Jr. and Hillary O. Bower to Jeffrey L. and Paulette L. Hemauer, property in Lawrence Township, $283,000.

Shad E. and Renee Hoover to Christopher and Daphine Pearce, property in Pike Township, $150,000.

United States of America and Internal Revenue Service and Gary Mills to Michael D. Flick, porperty in Sandy Township, $190,000.

Gregory P. Cranmer to Dennis B. and Brenda K. Burmeister, property in Sandy Township, $137,500.

Samuel C. and Barbara S. Yoder to Crist M. and Emma B. Miller, property in Greenwood Township, $189,750.

Birch Properties Inc. to International Asset Management Inc., property in Clearfield Borough, $390,000.

Thomas R. and Bernice L. Gailey to Brian Ebeling and Zane Spahr, property in Westover Borough, $55,000.

Susanne Ogden and Scott Matthew Patrick to Veteran Realty LLC, property in Clearfield Borough, $29,000.

Spruce Gap Management LLC to Janel sierra Sample, property in Cooper Township, $149,000.

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union and PSECU to John Dellantonio and Mark D. Marino, property in Osceola Mills Borough, $30,100.

Delores Ginter to Christopher G. and Janice M. Leiden, property in Beccaria Township, $41,000.

Larry E. and Sharon L. Funt to Whitetail Ventures LLC, property in Covington Township, $240,000.


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