Blair County

Pamela J. Ashburn and Pamela J. and Todd L. Griffith to Paul E. and Karen L. Pfahler, 2114 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $83,000.

Matthew W. and Christine M. Stever to Barbara J. Buchanan, 2711 Oak St., Altoona, $128,000.

Timothy B. Nagle to Ernest and Sherlyn Ebersole, property in Frankstown, $10,000.

Morgan Stanley Home Equity Loan Trust to David Sinisi, 1619 Jaggard St., Altoona, $46,550.

Fanne Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Leonard S. Fiore Jr., 317 Washington Ave., Altoona, $87,000.

Brian W. Fornwalt to Patrick L. Marlin, property in Altoona, $10,000.

Dunnings Creek Holding Co. LLC to Kelsa R. Harten, property in Greenfield Township, $74,400.

Melvin E. and Nancy G. Light to Matthew and Ruth Puhatch, property in Logan Township, $54,000.

United States Marshal, Western District of Pa., Charles W. Boydston and Angela H. Boydston to Denise M. Claar, property in Tyrone Township, $87,500.

S&A Home Builder LLC to Danny I. and Candice Douylliez, property in Frankstown Township, $338,503.

Susan D. Halloran to Douglas, Wendy and Sarah E. Irvin, Oak Street, Hollidaysburg, $170,000.

M&T Bank to Michael E. and Alison G. Rispoli, 2324-26-28-30 or 2324-2330 11th Ave., Altoona, $25,000.

Bullish Properties LLC to Jenelle M. Michael, property in Roaring Spring, $114,000.

Matthew G. Snyder and Lea B. Brondial to Lawrence C. Pennington, property in Altoona, $100,000.

PAC Realty LP to David Myers, property in Hollidaysburg, $1,066,000.

Matthew Good and Erica Albright to Leo J. Zerbee, Mary L. Anthony and Tawny Lee Smola, 3020 W. Spruce St., $74,500.

Stephen G. and Robyn R. Kasun to Joseph Inman Jr., property in Logan Township, $97,000.

Joseph L. Jr. and Winifred E. Duey to Joseph L. III and Corina L. Duey, property in Logan Township, $22,000.

Christopher Lee and Susanne V. Fink to Cynthia R. Reese, 411 W. 16th St., Tyrone.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Jason T. Puop, 614 Park Ave., Tyrone, $28,500.

Paul E. and Mary E. Leitz to Kevin Vu and Mai Quyn Nguyen, 510-14 Fourth St., Altoona, $340,500.

Robert L. Rhodes Jr. to Andrew J. and Amanda L. Zeek, 108 E. Walnut Ave., Altoona, $81,000.

M. Donald and Mary G. Wagner to Nathan T. McMahon, 1512 Perry Ave., Tyrone, $121,000.

Michael L. and Elva L. Fay to Siri Real Estate LLC, 901-05 Eighth Ave., Altoona, $164,000.

Robert L. and Merranda K. Dibert to Chad A. Cordek and Danyel L. Carper, property in Freedom Township, $168,000.

Kevin A. Tomlinson, Wendy J. Lechner and Wendy J. Tomlinson to Justin P. and Jami L. Cruthers, 107-09-11 E. Second Ave., Altoona, $124,900.

John A. Dively, Terry Cannarsa, Carol A. and Robert Wilson and Nancy and Philip Glass to William M. Ritchey III and Tara L. Dively, property in Greenfield Township, $105,000.

Heath Aaron and Lori Ann Moore to Mark Shultz, 1617-19 Sharp Ave., Altoona, $36,000.

Almyra R. Funcheon to Brandon Longstaff, 1408 Third Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Steven R. and Kerri Sorbera to Eduardo D. and Katie L. Ruiz, property in Blair Township, $330,000.

Tammy J. Wyland and L. Mark Bottenfield, property in Catharine Township, $28,500.

Scott and Theresa Engle to Dustin G. Schirf and Kilee A. Willett, 1804 N. Tuckahoe St., Bellwood, $95,300.

Window World of Altoona Inc. to Blue Sky Realty LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $550,000.

Anthony J. and Janet L. Fago to James L. and Sharon K. Monborne, property in Logan Township, $356,000.

Drenning Inc. to 2300 North Branch Avenue LLC, 2305-09-15-17-19-21 Beale Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Drenning Leasing Co. and Drenning Leasing Inc. to 2300 North Branch Avenue LLC, 2300-02-04-08-10 N. Branch Ave., and 2323 Beale Ave., Altoona, $150,000.

James W. Drenning to 2300 North Branch Avenue LLC, 2312 N. Ninth Ave., Altoona, $60,000.

Donna M. Farabaugh to Bryan R. and Patricia A. Shaw, property in Allegheny Township, $30,000.

Ray L. Shaw, Sharon L. and Dale L. Helsel, Lillie K. Nofsker and Alma D. and Olin Smith to Bryan R. and Patricia A. Shaw, property in Allegheny Township, $45,000.

Richard C. and Rose M. Lynn to Justin Bigler, property in Catharine Township, $120,000.

Dennis R. and Linda M. Glass to Ray S. and Kimberly J. Benton, property in Greenfield Township, $10,000.

Paul and Sandra Luckenabugh to Jason A. Settlemyer, 527-29 E. Logan Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

Joseph R. and Amy R. Seidel to Adam M. Whetstone, property in Greenfield Township, $45,500.

Evelyn Virginia Socey to Charles W. and Barbara L. Socey, property in Logan Township, $13,500.

Adam S. and Brenda Frederick to Shawna M. and Steven R. Friedline, 534 E. Main St., Roaring Spring, $104,000.

Blacks Homes Sales Inc. to Michael Cardona Collazo and Marisol Martinez Sotomayor, property in Freedom Township, $194,000.

Shawn K. and Susan B. Restly to Adam J. McNaul, property in Blair Township, $159,900.

David J. and Mary Diane Aiello to Olin L. and Jeannette C. Mittan, property in Taylor Township, $257,000.

Doris J. Jacobs to Erin M. and Shaun R. Shumac, property in Logan Township, $200,000.

Charles E. and Leslie R. Miller to Joyce A. Stiver, 1353 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, $42,000.

Bedford County

Robert Charles Gardill to Jarod M. and Tara M. Allison, property in Juniata Township, $126,500.

Marlin and Heather Oldham to Joel Allen and Susan R. Manges, property in West St. Clair Township, $50,000.

Jeffrey L. And Joellen J. Reese to Scott E. and Kendra E. Burkholder, property in Broad Top Township, $72,000.

Henry U. and Anna Mary Stoltzfus to Eric and Kelly L. Childers, property in Napier Township, $15,000.

Joseph A. Miller to Ralph Edward and Rebecca Grace Bollman, property in Napier Township, $20,500.

William A. Jr. and Megan M. Geisert to Dustin L. and Candace J. Rice, property in Everett Borough, $100,000.

Philip and Rebecca Masters to Daniels Holdings LLC, property in Pavia Township, $150,000.

Calvin J. and Amy D. Leydig to CSX Transportation Inc.,property in Hyndman Borough, $55,000.

Nicholas F., Richard K., and James T. Van Nelson to Rowland Di Mauro Colleen, Di Mauro Colleen Rowland, Di Mauro Dennis Robert, property in East St. Clair Township, $45,000.

Robert B. Lochrie Jr. Revocable Trust, Lochrie Robert B. Jr. Revocable Trust to Keith A. Kienzle, property in West St. Clair Township, $205,000.

Matthew and Rachel Markey, to Gary M. and Margie S. Shaeffer, property in Broad Top Township, $76,500.

Gary C. and Amy J. Zimmerman to Sharon Lee and Terrance Charles Herling, property in West Providence Township, $350,000.

Timothy O. Drummond to Benjamin L. Hall, property in Monroe Township, $28,000.

Le Ann Miller to Hunter L. Lankey, property in Bedford Borough, $85,000.

Bank of America NA to Michael J. Mortimore, property in Everett Borough, $28,000.

Ronda F. Kriner, Ronda F. Donelson, Kriner Donelson Ronda F., Donelson Ronda F. Kriner to Harry F. and Carol Ann Fortney, property in East Providence Township, $120,000.

Kendra M. Hoenstine, Kendra M. and Cory Myers to Garrett J., Elizabeth A. and Ronald D. Claar, property in Kimmel Township, $160,000.

Clearfield County

Mifflin County Savings Bank to Christopher G. and Janice M. Leiden, property in Beccaria Township, $42,000.

Henry J. and Linda L. Shaffer to John Pirnak, property in Sandy Township, $105,000.

James F. Leeper to Jeannine L. Wonderling, property in Clearfield Borough, $104,500.

Dennis Serba and Larry L. Rea Estate to Andrew L. Washell, property in Knox Township, $180,000.

Erma Almeda Elnicki and David M. Elnicki to Freedom First Land Development LLC, property in Sandy Township, $305,000.

Wayne M. and Audrey Jean Harris to Eric and Lindsay Harman, property in Bradford Township, $12,500.

Russell A. Miller to Brandon Thomassy, property in Sandy Township, $64,000.

Tammy L. Melius to Michael F. Perko, property in Osceola Mills Borough, $55,000.

Gliceria N. Willar to Amanda Lee Rake, property in DuBois, $43,000.

Robert C. Jr. and Dorinda M. Knepp to Thomas Alan McCartney, property in Woodward Township, $175,000.

Cindy A. Rolls to Michael P. Barnyak, property in DuBois, $80,400.

Maria D. Socie to Ralph T. Davis III, property in Beccaria Township, $140,000.

Geotech Engineering Inc. to Shawn Michael and Skyler Marie Quick, property in Morris Township, $25,000.

Ruth V. Catino to Timothy M. and Traci L. O’Leary, property in Clearfield Borough, $68,000.

Richard E. and June A. Powers to Bradley J. II and Deidra E. Zediak, property in Sandy Township, $135,000.

Paul J. and Peggy S. Evans to Brian and Roman Jarvis, property in Clearfield Borough, $10,000.

Linda M. Decker and Kathleen S. and Timothy Merle Eberhart to Isaac L. and Sarah N. Sanker, property in Graham Township, $90,000.

Carolyn M. Vail to Patrick M. and Dana L. McNaul, property in Bloom Township, $10,500.

Elma R.Snyder and Robert G. Card Estate to Michael S. Sr. and Elma R. Snyder, property in Sandy Township, $24,262.

Rajel Corp. to DuBois Group LLC, property in DuBois, $2,490,000.

John M. Jr. and Kayla A. Abrams to Jennifer Beth Swatsworth, property in Jordan Township, $255,000.

Kelly J. Lidgett to Nathan J. Quick, property in Morris Township, $57,000.

Machipongo Land & Coal Co. to Trevor Coleman and Ashley Kephart, property in Brisbin Borough, $35,000.

Lois S. Hall and Ella G. Smith Living Trust to Scott E. Kucharcik, property in Pike Township, $70,000.

Robert R. and Jamie L. Waseleski to Brooke A. Dilucia, property in Pike Township, $113,000.

Linda S. Wilkinson and Rick E. Wilkinson Estate to Robin L. Bowery, property in Curwensville Borough, $80,000.

Elizabeth J. Keeler to Dariek Humenay, property in Boggs Township, $95,000.

Barbara Lynn Hicks to Benjamin M. Travis and Tracy R. Miller, property in Chest Township, $75,000.

Fred W. Carlson to Pine Flats LLC, property in Knox Township, $10,000.

Huntingdon County

Stephen C. Prough to Keystone Property Management LLC, property in Mount Union Borough, $55,000.

Brandon D. and Heidi J. Booher and Heidi J. Lerie to Ben C. Mackey, property in Saltillo Borough, $104,000.

Bill W. and Madge E. Morgan and Deborah A. and Barry R. Sechrist to Ralph L. Jr. and Leslie F. Maust, property in Shirley Township, $100,000.

Steven G. and Jodi M. Runk to Robin E. and Marilyn J. Hess, property in Todd Township, $253,500.

Jody L. and Suzanne Parson to Lisa E. Keebaugh, property in Dublin Township, $190.00.

Adam L. and Emily L. Goodman to Boyd A. and Susan E. Hess, property in Henderson Township, $160,000.

Wayne A. and Jeanne L. Hearn and William P. and Rosalie S. Utley to Bruce Heine Trust, property in Miller Township, $30,000.

Diane S. and Sara Diane Hoover Estate to James Freeman, property in Shade Gap Borough, $38,000.

Randy L. Rineer to Mark C. Kirsch and Jenna L. Boyer, property in Wood Township, $20,000.


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