Blair County

Alan S., Debra A., Andrew B. and Sara Hollander, Sara and Jeffrey Goldfine, Daniel A., Melissa, Joel H., Barbara and Nanci S. Hollander, Nanci and Benjamin Caplan, Nicole G. and Rachel L. Hollander and Ari Sirner to Green Avenue Properties LLC, property in Hollidaysburg, $145,000.

Rachel A. and Mary Lee Morning to Travis K. and Kella J. Boyer, Quince Court, Jackson Farm Drive, Hollidaysburg, $299,900.

Grace A. Rupert to David J. Aikens, 209-211 E. Southey Ave., Altoona, $48,100.

Virginia Goldberg to Tye O. Dively, 2119-2131 Beale Ave., Altoona, $375,000.

Charles M. and M. Yolanda Bolden and M. Yolanda Miller to Jeremiah W. Bolden, 534 N. Third St., Bellwood, $71,693.

Robert E. Grager to Charles R. Hunter II, 306 Sixth St., Tyrone, $45,000.

Holliday Hills to Michael A. and Mary Lee Morning, property in Hollidaysburg, $185,000.

Mary Geraldine Hepner to Melvin R. Deneen, 1200-02 27th Ave., Altoona, $147,200.

Douglas R. and Rhoda Ritchey to Matthew and Victoria Dodson, Freedom Township, $65,000.

Bedford County

LSF11 Master Participation Trust to J. Kristian and Danielle Gregersen, property in Cumberland Valley $125,000.

Ellen J. Claar to Alex T. and Kathy J. Brehm, property in Kimmel Township, $30,000.

Cindy L. Shaffer, Cindy L. and Kelly Smith to Vincent and Inge Liberato, property in Bedford Borough, $60,000.

Stephen P. and Debra L. Stepisianos to Earl J. Thomas and Mary E. Frederick, property in Liberty Township, $79,900.

Clearfield County

Mickey L. Moore to Olga Carmen Goebert, property in Clearfield Borough, $20,000.

Patricia E. Melani to David W. and Susan L. Raiford, property in Sandy Township, $190,000.

Barwick Poelstra LLC to Pennsylvania Postal Holdings LLC, property in Boggs Township, $92,420.

Barwick Poelstra LLC to Pennsylvania Postal Holdings LLC, property in Huston Township, $96,021.

Carol K. Ferranti to Danielle D. Boyles, property in Clearfield Borough, $24,000.

Barwick Polestra LLC to Pennsylvania Postal Holdings LLC, property in Gulich Township, $87,619.

John J. and Amy C. Bloam to Carol E. Dawer, property in Sandy Township, $157,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Sonia M. Veruete and Robert S. Upcapher, property in Clearfield Borough, $55,001.

Huntingdon County

Ruth Covert to Todd W. and Ashley L. Lockhoff, property in Rockhill Borough, $90,000.

Richard B. Griffith Trust to Fabio Alongi, property in Smithfield Township, $11,000.

David P. and Susan M. Zimmerman to Jonathan W. Webber, property in Walker Township, $46,000.

Pamela D. Zentgraf Estate to Alan I. and Alicia D. Guyer, property in Walker Township, $135,000.

Glenn and Janine Pepo to Benjamin E. Walters and Angela N. Conrad, property in Walker Township, $248,000.

Merle E. and Ruth E. Miller to Jere and Judy Koser, property in West Township, $23,000.


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