Blair County

Eugene Kenneth and Joyce Faye Otto to Leon W. Jr. and Adam Diehl, 1119 20th Ave., Altoona, $44,000.

Harwood R. and Marylee H. Hair to William Decourcy, property in Greenfield Township, $14,000.

Audrey T. and Audrey P. Querry to Ricky C. and Barbara J. Knepper, property in Martinsburg, $220,000.

David W., Christy Lynn and Ashley Ann Dively to Joseph Clark Sr., property in Freedom Township, $30,000.

Jeffrey L. Replogle to Brian D. and Vicky L. Long, property in North Woodbury Township, $40,000.

Edward J. and Cynthia A. Eaton to Tyler J. Port, 18th Avenue, Altoona, $84,000.

Bedford County

Lucinda D. Grove to Ryan and Emily Dixon, property in Broad Top Township, $60,000.

Jeffrey D. and Michelle A. Otto to Thomas G. and Amy C. Arnold, property in Liberty Township, $48,000.

Leah Faith Wible to Julie Showalter, property in West Providence Township, $89,000.

Robin K. Lundquist, Robin K. Defibaugh and Kenneth C. Pittman to Brandon Burkholder, property in West Providence, $125,000.

Matthew D. and Misty A. Claar to Henry S. Block, and Yupin Talley, property in King Township, $135,000.

Dottie L. Herline to Duane A. and Mary Jane Fetter, property in Napier Township, $20,000.

Flat Iron Holdings LLC to Tracy Allen and Laura Marie Day, property in Napier Township, $20,000.

Cambria County

Betty L. Hoffman to Donald R. Blasko Jr., property in Ferndale Borough, $56,500.

Wollie L. Shetler to Emanuel L. Shetler, property in Barr Township, $175,000.

David M. Burskey to Christopher Farabaugh, property in Carrolltown Borough, $15,000.

Cambria Holdings LLC to Timothy Laughard, property in Jackson Township, $52,500.

Nancy L. Karr to Richard Passini, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $25,000.

Clearfield County

David and Brittany Frantz to Robert Kenneth Noel, property in Jordan Township, $20,000.

William G. Weaver to Troy and Evelyn Weiser, property in Chester Hill Borough, $85,000.

Janette Steele and Carl A. Woodside to Lawrence and Cynthia HiIlbert and Charles and Tricia Smeal, property in Cooper Township, $55,000.

Thomas J. and Donna Stark to Matthew H. Rowles and Brittany N. Stark, property in Bradford Township, $102,500.

Ronald and Linda Fisher to Brian Hynds, property in Sandy Township, $130,000.

Justine E. Ogden to Amber Rosenberg, property in Clearfield Borough, $79,000.

Linda A. and Frederick J. Petendree to Mark W. Fox, property in Westover Borough, $88,000.

Travis J. Bressler to Andrew J. and Sheree L. Guelich, property in Curwensville Borough, $65,000.

Huntingdon County

John F. Hawn Estate to William T. and Jessica L. Hawn, property in Huntingdon, $60,000.

Barbara A. and Frederick P. Barnett to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon, $67,000.

Bryan and Lizbeth Powers to Krystal Dawn Dyer, property in Lincoln Township, $90,000.

Housing and Urban Development to Ronald C. and Thomas S. Wible, property in Mount Union Borough, $65,000.

Christopher J. and Bonnie C. Whalen and Roy Yedid to MET J Enterprises LLC, property in Oneida Township, $194,000.

Michael T. and Karen C. Sherlock to Brian T. and Lisa l. Stothers True, property in Penn Township, $64,500.

Bruce D. and Karen L. Estep to Jared Christopher and Brittany L. Johnson, property in Petersburg Borough, $95,000.

Allison M. and Robert D. Hall to Olivia R. and Robert J. Isenberg, property in Porter Township, $180,000.

Michael and Tracy Ellers to Brenton C. and Emily A. Fickes, property in Walker Township, $28,750.


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