Blair County

Chess Master LLC to Heather N. Redfoot, 2113 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $64,900.

Ida Roberta Winters to Robert L. and Merranda K. Dibert, property in Freedom Township, $187,500.

Mary E. Clare to Roundhouse Real Estate Co. property in Allegheny Township, $1,250,000.

John D. Biddle to Zachary Woollaston and Krista L. Harpster, property in Snyder Township, $30,000.

Kenneth L. Soyster to David L. Seedenburg, Veronica L. Weaver and Veronica L. Seedenburg, property in Logan Township, $100,000.

Ronald A. Reidell to George R. Sr. and Mary Beth Berger, 311-17 Southey Ave., Altoona, $159,900.

Richard L. Jr. and Mary Catherine Kustaborder to Megan M. Emery, 1351 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $69,000.

Bernice J. Gorman to IPI Ventures LLC, property in Tyrone, $140,000.

Donna L. Velmar to Sara E. Hileman, property in Duncansville, $64,000.

Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc. to Guwain Engle, 147 Raible Drive, Duncansville, $54,500.

Dorcas Lorraine Ickes to Bruce T. and Gladys M. Estep, property in Williamsburg, $130,000.

Richard J. and Michaelyn Barkman Hatch to Kenneth S. and Sandra A. Balough, 103 Wordsworth Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

Deka A. Abernethy and Roger L. and Judy M. Royer to Jimmy and Julie Grager, property in Williamsburg, $130,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Co. to Justin Amos Wilkinson and Elizabeth Anne Laich, 1302 Sixth St., Altoona, $84,900.

Kenneth J. Swanson to Zachary D. and Jaclyn A. Stere, property in Antis Township, $13,750.

Leslie A. Nearhoof to Kenneth Knisely, 2608 10th St., Altoona, $33,000.

Sandra L. Sakala to Dwight D. Sr. and Lisa A. Boddorf, 2510-12 Broad Ave., Altoona, $125,000.

Avelia A. Weimer and John E. and John W. Wilson to Avelia A. Weimer, 606 Clark St., Hollidaysburg, $190,000.

George H. and Christine D. Angus to Christian A. and Jessica J. Merritts, property in Duncansville, $196,000.

David Scott and Tammy Dawn Huff to Cassandra and Christopher Botelho, property in Antis Township, $325,000.

David K. Harpster, Marsha J. Whitefield and Marsha J. Harpster to Joseph A. Jr. and Delaney M. Miller, 1913-15 First Ave., Altoona, $68,900.

Daniel L. and Margaret H. Benton to John A. and Jon L. Morgret, 428 Barley St., Roaring Spring, $20,500.

William B. and Caroline M. Reilly to Linda L. and Harold Douglas Hilling, 623 Rear Harvard Lane, Altoona, $53,700.

Michael and Gabrielle Derose-Colombo to Kelsey A. Long and Wesley S. Weyandt, 117-21 E. Willow Ave., Altoona, $83,000.

Beverly A. Figliola to Jay M. and Clare M. Copenhaver, 428 Caroline Ave., Altoona, $105,000.

Donna L. Dionis to John and Cristen Dionis, 1808-14/1814 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Donna L. Dionis to Jeffery M. Dionis, property in Logan Township, $40,000.

Bedford County

Melvin R. Huston, Karon S. Ritchey to Howard B. Lochrieand Tina Boozer, property in Bedford Borough, $165,000.

Connie L. Amick to Gutierrez Fulton Vanessa D., Fulton Vanessa D. Gutierrez, property in Bedford Borough, $20,000.

Jeffery W. and Carrie Jean Stultz to Tanner Joseph Williams, property in Snake Spring Township, $40,000.

Samuel M. Beegle to William L. Koontz, property in Juniata Township, $300,000.

Clear Ridge Farms LLC. to Leon B. and Janet W. Shirk, property in Monroe Township, $465,000.

Leon B. and Janet W. Shirk to Clear Ridge Farms LLC, property in Monroe Township, $210,000.

George H. Wineland to Kitty S. Turner, property in Bloomfield Township, $229,000.

Calvin T. Pittman to Jessica Bowser, property in West Providence Township, $90,100.

Clearfield County

Shirley A. Plante to Kara L. Thorp, property in Clearfield Borough, $80,000.

Mary Jane Kephart to Michael English, property in Cooper Township, $37,300.

Joyce and Gordon N. Folmar and Robert J. and Bonita Liptak to Philip Hoffower, property in Morris Township, $65,000.

Bear Creek Properties Inc. to Dan E. Prebble and Lori L. Schena, property in Huston Township, $50,000.

Jeannette C. and Robert S. Holden to Christopher A. Ortman and Victoria M. McGarvey, property in Bigler Township, $94,900.

James L. and Darla S. Curran and Richard L. and Marcia E. Sweeney to Douglas A. and Denise R. Geyer, property in Huston Township, $120,000.

Glenn M. Challingsworth and Constance A. Dallasen to David A. and Anita K. Pisarcik, property in Sandy Township, $191,000.

Brian J. Gelnette to Steve F. and Laurie C. Lindsay, property in Sandy Township, $236,520.

Miller B. Hamilton to John Dellantonio and Mark Marino, property in Decatur Township, $95,000.

Transland Corporation to Johnston Investment Properties LLC, property in Bradford Township, $25,000.

Mark and Sharon Stoltz to Lin Guang Ming, property in DuBois, $18,000.

Cassandra L. Frantz to Martin G. Stoker and Deborah Ann Snead, property in Brady Township, $12,500.

Cambria County

Deborah Downs to Alec J. Burkhart, property in Elder Township, $26,500.

Gene Stobaugh to West PA Properties LLC, property in Adams Township, $11,172.97.

Oswald P. Gamel to Joshua L. Hess, property in Conemaugh Township, $14,500.

Ricky L. McGraw to Robert P. Rosenbaum, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $89,900.

Andrew G. Migas to Brandy M. Davis, property in Richland Township, $88,200.

Paul A. McMullen to Daniel F. Dostal, property in Cresson Township, $48,000.

Huntingdon County

Mark M. Peters to Joel C. and Julie A. Pheasant, property in Alexandria Borough, $55,000.

William D. and Andrew S. Brode to Thomas B. Henderson, property in Carbon Township, $143,500.

John Thomas Jr. and Wendy Thomas Keyser to Dewey L. Jr. and Renae K. Calhoun, property in Cass Township, $62,000.

Saundra E. Miller to Alexander P. and Alyssa M. Guyer, property in Cassville Borough, $20,000.

Nancy L. Covert to Von P. and Kristin L. McGee, property in Dublin Township, $43,000.

Timothy P. and Rexanne E. Goss to Philip A. and Elizabeth M. Locke, property in Dublin Township, $474,000.


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