Blair County

James and Rita B. Luciano to David S. Brewer and Stephanie Lynn Crnarich, 113 E. 22nd Ave., Altoona, $127,000.

Jeffrey P. and Janice E. Ruggles to Michael D. Civils, property in Blair Township, $115,000.

Gerald L. and Mary M. Johns to Cown & Canty LLC, 1215-15.5 Rear 16th Ave. and 1213 16th Ave., Altoona, $313,000.

Diana L. Byrnes to Three C Investments LLC, property in Hollidaysburg, $120,000.

Wanda J. Weakland to Carl Nixon, 118-30 Lexington Ave., Altoona, $132,000.

Joseph H. Wiedemer to Matthew S. and Rhiannon Barry, property in Logan Township, $170,000.

Kenneth J. Jr. and Linda D. Dixon to Clinton J. Taylor, property in Taylor Township, $152,000.

Mark and Christine Hughes to Timothy W. and Sandra L. Mosel, property in Huston Township, $27,500.

Michael James to Central Pa. Housing and Redevelopment LLC, 1415 12th St., Altoona, $22,000.

Paul I. and Judith K. Pease to Jacob S. and Rachel E. Kanagy, property in Tyrone Township, $160,000.

Ray L. Shaw, Sharon L. and Dale L. Helsel, Lillie K. Nofsker, and Alma D. and Olin K. Smith to Richard A. Helsel, property in Allegheny Township, $15,000.

Dale W. and Jane L. Ray to John A. and Steve L. Garman Properties LLC, Williamsburg Township, $204,000.

Matthew L. and Janelle L. Martin to Taylor Dawn McQuillen, 2010 Second Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Dorothy Moses to Steven R. and Rhonda L. Lamborn, property in Blair Township, $21,000.

Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc. to Mike Helsel Construction LLC, 1731 Fourth Ave., and 1725-27 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $118,000.

Raymond E. and Alton G. Brininger to Yvonne L. Gahagan, 609 Third St., Altoona, $26,000.

Roger W. Mountain, Jacqulyn R. Lockett, Jacqulyn R. Mountain and Gary L. Lockett to Robert N. Plowman III and Ariel D. Peck, property in Taylor Township, $86,500.

Champion Mortgage Co. to Barry P. and Barbara J. Gordon, property in Woodbury Township, $30,000.

Bedford County

Susan D. Hinson to Gregg A. and Lisa D. Snyder, property in West St., Clair Township, $50,000.

Wilfred J., Sarah L., Kevin A. and Lesa Turner to Phillip S., Lori Ann, and Matthew James Lewis, property in Harrison Township, $220,000.

Rodger D. Knisely Jr. to Cindy L. Nycum and Tamela L. Siler, property in Bloomfield Township, $176,900.

Peggy M. Nisewonger to William Ling, Property in East Providence Township, $102,000.

Rollin L. Treece Jr. to Corey M. Childers and Brandy M. Mearkle, property in East Providence Township, $10,000.

Louella F. Wilson to Pamela J. Guyer, property in Cumberland Valley, $15,000.

Christy Spencer-Clark and Chad D. Clark to Michael Anthony and Nancy Walton, property in Bedford Township, $122,000.

James M. and Elisesha A. Yingling to McKenzie L. Blair, property in Bedford Borough $174,400.

Kenneth E. and Doris J. Bender to Robert and Christine Thomas and Stephen Landis, property in Harrison Township, $285,000.

Clearfield County

Steven P. Sr. and Belinda J. Celinski to John and Cindy Poole, property in Bradford Township, $15,000.

Elsie E. Ogden EST and Eric E. Cummings to Shawn R. and Donna M. McCracken, property in Lawrence Township, $60,000.

City Vision National Revitalization LLC to Elizabeth S. Schell, property in Lawrence Township, $75,000.

Donna R. Beckner to Robert J. Barkley, property in Sandy Township, $30,000.

Carolyn S. Beatty and Joseph T. Beatty to Joseph C. Jr. and Suzanne M. Demott, property in Sandy Township, $410,000.

Cherry Timber Associates Inc. to Harry J. Frisco, property in Bloom Township, $85,000.

Sherry L. McClure to Jeffrey S. Player, property in Sandy Township, $102,000.

Kevin M. and Ashley L. Clark to Granite Road LLC, $27,000.

Huntingdon County

Mearl D. Williams, Bruce A. and Mary Johnston to Mearl D. Williams, property in Hopewell Township, $45,000.

Kelly C. Brown to Stacey L. Shriner, property in Huntingdon Borough, $45,000.

Teena L. Smith to Ryan D. and Destiny M. Sample, property in Juniata Township, $179,900.

Frank D., Frank L. and Cindy D. Bencsik to Brendan Fox, property in Oneida Township, $122,400.

Community Chapel of Hesston Inc. to Terry L. and Kathleen S. Sheffield, property in Penn Township, $180,000.

Ben S. and Katelyn Kawehilani Shumway to Joshua M. Konwinski and Erin M. Koehle, property in Porter Township, $185,000.

Ryan D. and Destiny M. Sample to McKenna M. O’Donnell, property in Porter Township, $95,500.

Terry L. Miller to Christopher H. and Shannan D. Weaver, property in Shirley Township, $10,000.

Brenda J. Eichelberger to Guy C. and Konnie M. Pyne, property in Union Township, $125,000.

Brenda J. Eichelberger to Guy C. and Konnie M. Pyne, second property in Union Township, $60,000.

Brenda J. Eichelberger to Guy C. and Konnie M. Pyne, third property in Union Township, $75,000.

Jeffrey W. and Arlene A. Tressler to Michael T. and Karen C. Sherlock, property in Walker Township, $309,900.

Michael N. and Michael Nicholas Roll to Anthony J. and Jacqueline M. Allison, property In Walker Township, $185,000.


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