Blair County

Dolores J. Hendrickson to Amy C. Kenawell, property in Allegheny Township, $198,000.

Stephen M. and Shauna C. Plito to John Nardozza, 2011 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $32,000.

Lawrence S. and Kelli D. Servello to Elynn Thomas, Penn Avenue, Altoona, $125,000.

Mark A. and Stacy L. Baker to Robert A. Hetrick, property in Blair Township, $129,900.

Judith A. Marsden to Howard P. Albright, 120 Spruce Ave., Altoona, $150,500.

Steven P. Clapper to Kent E. Fluke, property in Blair Township, $55,000.

Mills Trust to Joseph S. and Tiffany E. Marvich, 5010 Fifth Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Debora A. Ferguson to Amy E. Wise, property in Logan Township, $125,300.

Timothy N. and Nicole D. McKnight to Kyle A. Brown and Danielle Diggins, property in Catharine Township, $132,000.

Kathleen S. Greenleaf to Ryan E. Slagenweit and Caitlin Albright, 717 Rockingham St., Roaring Spring, $134,900.

Jeannette M. Capella to Thomas D. Haught and Lauren R. Michaels, property in Allegheny Township, $450,000.

Stewart M. Jr. and Elisa M. Merritts to Tammy T. Real Estate Investments LLC, 1215 19th Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Verde Arbors LP to Robert Mentzer, 706 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $38,000.

Clair L. Mowery to Fred E. Jr. and Karrie Hale, 3909-11 Walnut Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

William E. Jr. and Anne Krill to Gregory R. and Rebekah E. Luckenbach, property in Frankstown Township, $145,000.

Jacqueline A. Ault , Jacqueline A. Noonan and Donald Ault to Matthew and Ronda Kimberlin, 2112 W. Pine Ave., Altoona, $46,500.

Bedford County

Marian J. Fetter to Leighton D. Taylor, property in Bedford Township, $61,000.

Meran D. and Mary L. Kline to 345 Conner Road LLC, property in West Providence Township, $375,000.

Wanda L. Shoemaker and Michael J. Mortimore to Justin W. Mearkle, property in West Providence Township, $123,000.

Seth and Amanda Finkey to Kayla R. Bruening, property in Napier Township, $63,500.

Teresa L. Brothers to Chris A. and Paula C. Bottenfield, property in Snake Spring Township, $294,500.

Betsy Jane Brandick and Tina M. Walter to Mill City Mortgage Loan Trust 2017-1, property in South Woodbury Township, $15,000.

William H. Jr. and Anita D. Ritchey to Ciara N. McMurtrie, property in Broad Top Township, $74,000.

Phyllis J. Berkey to Scott Weaver, property in Lincoln Township, $65,000.

Guyer Brothers Real Estate Partnership to Tristin N. Guyer, property in South Woodbury Township, $120,000.

Mowry William H. Jr. & Mowry Carolyn I. Revocable Living Trust to Gartland-Beck LLC, property in Hopewell Township, $150,000.

Clearfield County

Frederick J. Ferguson Jr. to Karley I. Riser, property in Osceola Mills, $60,000.

Brandon M. and Laina M. Jackson to Haley Rae McKendrick, property in Bradford Township, $93,000.

Matthew C. and Sarah E. Hoover to David M. Wisor, property in Curwensville, $88,000.

Lynn M. and Mary Shope to James R. III and Whitney A. Diven, property in Beccaria Township, $45,000.

James H. and Olivette Lanigan Fogg to Ellyn and Martin Luciano, property in Sandy Township, $330,000.

Jamie E. and Kem K. Parada to Oanh Thi Hoang Nguyen, property in Clearfield, $59,000.

Ruth Annette and Scott M. Cartwright to Kenneth A. Kemmerer, property in Sandy Township, $112,000.

Lindsey R. Derrick to Tashawna N. Leonard, property in Grampian Borough. $62,000.

Rusty Gate Apartments LLC to Dennis K. and Rena Adamson, property in Sandy Township, $22,000.

Bruce Michael and Danielle Marie Hartzfeld to Christopher Matthew Demotte, property in Union Township, $139,900.

Nolan R. and Jennifer I. Rhodes to Anthony S. Branthoover and Tabitha McNeel, property in Bloom Township, $225,000.

Gale M. and Richard D. Shickling to Dennis B. and Rhonda C. Lauder, property in Curwensville, $22,000.

Dennis J. and Catherine M. Cowder to Garrett C. and Allyceson M. Pelton, property in Morris Township, $195,000.

Judith and James Rice to Austin P. Stamm and Sierra J. Burns, property in Morris Township, $57,000.

Michael A. and Jennifer L. Lindeman to Andrew F. Georgino, property in Decatur Township, $106,000.


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