Blair County

Ryan M. and Megan E. Reilly to James B. and Jessica A. Kilmartin, 2908 Union Ave., Altoona, $295,000.

Kristen Conner to Jenna D. Garber, 10th Street, Altoona, $69,200.

Shawn W. Sankey to Ryan M. and Megan E. Reilly, 431 Logan Place, Altoona, $265,000.

Thomas L. Ringler and Thomas W. Tilson to David A. McCloskey, property in Greenfield Township, $39,900.

Fairway Estates Development Inc. to Adam M. and Angela M. Landrin, property in Frankstown Township, $55,000.

David F. and Catherine Shepherd to Jones Realty Services LLC, 156-58 River Road, Hollidaysburg, $115,000.

Susan K. Dodson and Susan K. Holes to Adam R. and Alyssa J. Hazenstab, 220 Bedford St., Hollidaysburg, $125,000.

Connie S. Lee, Wayne E. Jr. and Connie S. Blackie to Patty Lou and Alison May Feather, 2905 W. Chestnut Ave., Altoona, $45,000.

PSN LLC to Dwayne Poorman, 5721-23 Ohio Ave., Altoona, $55,000.

Ralph O. McClellan to John Stranford, 600 and 602 E. Walton Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Janet R. Carnell to Lawrence C. Greenleaf, 313 Hickory St., Hollidaysburg, $102,000.

Debra L. Riggin and Jennifer L. Keagy to Dennis P. and Sheila L. Hazenstab, property in Tyrone Township, $49,640.

Douglas A. Madden to Doug Madden Properties LLC, 1419 First Ave., Altoona, $14,000.

Douglas A. Madden to Doug Madden Properties LLC, 2217 Washington Ave., Altoona, $11,800.

Maureen E. Wood to John Pershing Brown IV, 1412-18 22nd Ave., Altoona, $92,500.

Rita L. Yingling to Pamela and John Walters, 719 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $70,000.

Lorella E. Greaser to Trevor C. Oestreich, property in Woodbury Township, $125,000.

Bedford County

Charlotte A. Eicher to Donald R. Holland, Kylie R. Redinger and Amy L. Rishel, property in Kimmel Township, $110,000.

Pamela J. and Charles J. Hall to Alex B. Diehl, property in Bloomfield Township, $110,000.

Brandon M. Leonard to Gretchen A. Winegardner, property in King Township, $62,500.

Janet Jannetti to Brian P. McVan, property in Cumberland Valley, $70,000

Matthew C. and Jessica A. McNemar to Joyce E. Sheetz, property in Colerain Township, $12,000.

Judy Rhodes, Larry, Shirley, Jeffrey, Lori Lynn, M. Todd, and Sally Hennessey to Lillian A. Edwards, property in Liberty Township, $89,000.

Clearfield County

JoAnn E. Putillion to Lazy Acres Tract LP, property in Decatur Township, $12,000.

Jason A. and Cristin R. Hickman to Shane McGregor, property in Sandy Township, $90,000.

Scott J. and Nicole Kaiser to Chad J. Kaiser, property in Morris Township, $18,000.

Gary L. Conklin to Joel V. and Margaret C. McCamley, property in Boggs Township, $34,000.

Eric R. Kriner and Sue A. Gilbert to Barbara Dodd, property in Sandy Township, $157,000.

Charlene R. Kearney and Hazel E. Schmauch EST to Samuel F. Jr. and Paula S. Sweetser, property in Graham Township, $50,000.

CNB Bank to Matthew D. and Lisa M. Buck, property in Pike Township, $168,999.

Elaine D. Bechtold to Victor G. Sr. and Mary Mann, property in Decatur Township, $37,000.

Edward B. Jr. and Marie Eckels to James B. and Whitney J. Chamberlain, property in Clearfield Borough, $95,000.

Susan J. Lomire to MIchael J. and Candy S. Gates Ponish, property in Chest Township, $136,000.

Huntingdon County

James M. and Ruth E. Metzler to Reuben K. Sr. and Fannie R. Swarey, property in Brady Township, $175,000.

Fred L. and Drusilla D. Halteman to Amy D. and John T. Cornelius, property in Cass Township, $464,000.

Cody R. and Jennifer P. Myers to Amy L. Long, property in Dublin Township, $153,000.

Kurt G. Border to Matthew J. Berrena Jr., property in Huntingdon Borough, $72,100.

Fred and Frederick J. Jr. Topel Estate to Gary, Greg, Chad and Sherri Hack, property in Logan Township, $42,000.

Kerwin Garner and Sherry A. Carberry to Richard B. and Laura A. Bowser, property in Marklesburg Borough, $40,000.

Pamela S. Wilhelm and Pamela S. and Sean P. Banks to James T. and Wendy S. Sheffield, property in Shade Gap Borough, $102,000.

Max L. and Max Leroy Booher Estate to Nicole Mizell, property in Shirley Township, $85,000.

Thomas W. and Amy L. McMahon to Kristopher J. Gardner, property in Smithfield Township, $169,900.

Robert L. Morgan to Paul J. and Sally G. Richard, property in Three Springs Borough, $120,000.

Jerry E. and Linda K. Gipe to Stephen R. Sellers, property in Todd Township, 56,000.