Blair County

Mark J. and Patricia A. Beigle to Marissa Stayer, 5030 Oak Ave., Altoona, $107,000.

Rick L. and Linda C. Opdyke to Justin L. Isenberg and Melissa W. Miller, 5814 Maryland Ave., Altoona, $127,500.

Daryl N. Snyder to Ray and Kimberly Benton, property in Greenfield Township, $15,000.

Susan M. Bernhart-Grassi and Joseph Grassi to Donald G. and Peggy J. Bowser, 977-81 Race St., Altoona, $122,000.

Marian C. Shaw to Jack D. and Kay S. Howsare, Blair Street, Martinsburg, $178,000.

James R. Jr. and Hyebin Daversa to Mackenzie S. Long, property in Blair Township, $189,900.

Barbara Ann McGarry and Barbara Ann and Ronald D. Hoover to Brandon S. and Katherine R. Stewart, property in Logan Township, $188,000.

Phares N. and Ruth M. Swarey to Ryan J. Melanson, property in Tyrone Township, $29,000.

Dale and Stacey Manning to Matthew and Julia Reed, 857 Washington Ave., Tyrone, $98,900.

James Robert Wells to John G. Reeder, 2301-03 1⁄2 15th Ave., Altoona, $114,100.

Michelle L. and William Sutton to Jason A. and Regina Dunklebarger, property in Bellwood, $165,000.

Jeryl Dene Thompson to Brett A. Walter, N. 13th Street, Altoona, $140,000.

Michael A. and Nicole White to Veronica Vipond, Canterberry Drive, Altoona, $260,000.

Jessica L. Harpster and Jessica L. and Jacob M. George to Anthony T. Lytle and Domonique A. Oyola, 518 Baynton Ave., Altoona, $86,500.

Wells Fargo Bank to Wendy Sue Boone, 1601 Madison Ave., Tyrone, $134,500.

Shannon McDonough to Adam Dunn, 911-917 Main St., Altoona, $10,000.

MTGLQ Investors LP to Tamara L. Skupien, 1533 Seventh Ave., Altoona, $81,100.

Alma May and Darren W. Dunmire to BKP-7 LP, Box 183 Rt. 1 RD, Duncansville, $450,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Coproration and Freddie Mac to Matt Slagle and Melissa Farabaugh, 121 Strawberry Lane, Duncansville, $65,000.

Daniel A. and Carrie A. Buchness to Residential Asset Mortgage Products Inc., 2424 Third Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Todd W. Hand to David A. Bongiorno, Broad Avenue, Altoona, $80,000.

Tera L. Kelleher to Barry T. Kelleher, 227 Bell Ave., Altoona, $75,000.

Carl Max Jr. and Debra Jean Lechner to Joshua Carl and Chelsea Marie Kleinfelter, property in Antis Township, $25,000.

Anna M. Greene to CCTA LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $137,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Rice Investment Properties LLC, 1002 Broadway, Altoona, $52,000.

Thomas, B. Thomas and Brenda Motchenbaugh to Jason C. and Shannon L. Amell, property in Frankstown Township, $375,000.

S&M Properties to NJD Properties 2 LLC, 800 Second Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Michael T. and Ashley M. Greslick to Amanda B. Hamilton, 440 Wharton Ave., Altoona, $78,000.

Shawn Johnson to Paul R. and Sharon C. Erb, 1457 Pennsylvania Ave., Tyrone, $110,000.

Maroon & White Rentals LLC to Ryan P. Barr, 817 20th Ave., Altoona, $69,500.

Constance R. Adams to SCODI Holdings LLC, property in Tyrone, $54,000.

Tracy L. Wilt and Gerald F. Wyland Jr. to Barry E. and Amanda D. Noll, 322 N. Seventh Ave., Altoona, $90,000.

Shirley E. Drass to Robert T. and Angela D. Curry, property in Frankstown Township, $75,000.

Bedford County

John R. and Joan V. Clites to Andrea J. Helsel, property in Bedford Township, $15,000.

Mary R. Eichelman to Carri L. Cessna, property in SouthHampton Township, $60,000.

Jennifer D. Yeagle, Jennifer D. Caton to Amanda Berger, property in Schellsburg Borough, $105,000.

Monica J. Fulop to Thomas J. Mellott, property in East St. Clair Township, $117,000.

Eugene B. and Diane M. Smith to Keith G. Bageant, property in SouthHampton Township, $265,000.

David E. and Lisa L. Diehl to Robert B. and Diane M. Sheets, property in Snake Spring Township, $194,000.

Kelly B. and Stacey L. Steele to Joshua M. and Andrea M. Burkhart, property in East St Clair Township, $293,000.

Robert A. and Patricia A. Mellott to Gail L. Scritchfield, property in Everett Borough, $85,000.

Bernadine Weber, Bernadine Bowen to Jack A. and Sandra L. Dewitt, property in Napier Township, $115,000.

Wesley W. and Trista R. Boyer to Bryan and Kirsten Hall, property in Napier Township, $212,000.

Larry R. and Hollie L. Kalp to Gary C. and Amy J. Zimmerman, property in West Providence Township, $350,000.

Terry James Thomas to Daniel J. Wilson and Roni Martin, property in Cumberland Valley, $ 41,500.

Mary Madelin King to John R. Jr. and Alicia M. Graham, property in Mann Township, $72,500.

Lucas Steinbrunner to Bradley W., Wayne E. Jr. and Paula K. Byers, property in Snake Spring Township, $57,000.

Melvin W. and Molly Smith to Rieder Fox and Derrin Markle, property in East Providence Township, $128,000.

Mathew D. and Lauren E. Merritt to Stephen Teacher, property in Snake Spring Township, $259,900.

Carol A. Cuppett to Carol A. Siegfried, property in Bedford Township, $89,900.

Russell A. Jr., and Kristen N. Mayes to Nickolas L. and Amanda G., Robertson, property in Bedford Township, $190,000.

Larry D. and Carol S. Shaffer to Richard L. Jenkins, property in East St Clair Township, property in East St Clair Township, $259,900.

Bank of America NA to Larry and Blaine College, property in Everett Borough, $33,000.

Clearfield County

Rodney Boalich and W. Avanell Bloom to William M. and Susan E. McNamee, property in Clearfield Borough, $50,000.

Raymond L. and Gail M. Stiner to Devan Renaud, property in Covington Township, $87,000.

Leroy and Angelika Cuneo to Andrew M. and Amanda E. Byler, property in Ferguson Township, $75,000.

Marvin W. and Jean E. Maines to Dana Fletcher, property in Bradford Township, $48,000.

Thomas D. and Dawn M.Delrocini to S. Scott Martin and John W. Drouillard, property in Beccaria Township, $20,000.

Bernard John and Helen Mary Knefley to Shawn, Marilyn and Jordan Myers, property in Sandy Township, $75,000.

Laurie L. and Brian Elias to Michael J. Dandrea, property in Sandy Township, $214,000.

Bert S. Elgar and Timothy N. Elgar to Jamie J. and Michael P. Straub, property in Union Township, $115,000.

Huntingdon County

Community State Bank of Orbisonia to Lois Dionisio, property in Oneida Township, $60,000.

Donald C. Zilke Estate to Eric E. and Christine R. Layman, property in Penn Township, $122,500.

Tyler P. and Kelsey J. Dunn to Jessica A. Teeters, property in Porter Township, $160,000.

Len A. and Terri K. Cornelius to Natasha C. and Michael T. Hoy, property in Saltillo Borough, $98,000.

Matthew G. Brown to Joshua P. Wakefield, property in Shirley Township, $31,000.

Terry G. and Lynetta K. Mowery to Gregory C. and Christine M. Hess, property in Cromwell Township, $210,000.

Robert C. and Thelma Louise Rotz Trust to Nathan T. Woolley, property in Cromwell Township, $89,900.

Melvin D. Covert Estate to Tina S. Smith, property in Cromwell Township, $57,000.

Carol F. Vongehr to Kyle M. Kramer and Dana M. Pyne, property in Henderson Township, $49,900.

Gary and Deborah Bagshaw to Gary and Michael Butzer and Dennis Arnold, property n Jackson Township, $165,000.

Raystown Country Homes LLC to John and Sherry A. Annibali, property in Juniata Township, $31,500.

Mary E. Myers and Mary E. Kuhtos to Angela M. and Sherry L. Roland, property in Mount Union Borough, $40,000.

Jeffrey N. and Sherry M. Potensky to John E. and Rita E. Lentz, property in Penn Township, $262,000.

Daniel Lee Danner, Carroll A. Reisinger and Rebecca Marie Danner to James P. Danner and Tivia Dawn Carlin, property in Penn Township, $30,000.

Karl J. and Shirley E. Harrington to David E. and Christine M. Borst, property in Petersburg Borough, $140,000.

Roland L. Hockenberry Jr., Kimberly A. Barnes and Pamela S. Windon, to David K. and Esther Mae Stoltzfus, property in Tell Township, $175,000.

Zachary S. and Lindsay D. Everetts to Tad D. and Katie N. Gutshall, property in Walker Township, $121,500.

Mark D. and Antoinette L. Hesser to J S Forney Properties LLC, property in Warriors Mark Township, $120,000.

Bruce E. Cox to William J. and Andrea N. Russell, property in Warriors Mark Township, $49,900.

David A. and Christine R. Gildea to Travis and Roni Kratzer, property in Alexandria Borough, $110,000.

Dora M., Dora F. and Dora McKinney to William Plummer, property in Brady Township, $35,000.

Michael L. Booher to Devin S. Whitsel and Natalie T. Talbot, property in Cromwell Township, $125,000.

Kerry D. and Patti L. Eichelberger to Hanna G. Eichelberger and Hanna G. and Tylor J. Baker, property in Cromwell Township, 100,000.