Blair County

Anthony J. Pasquini to Marcy Laird, 1918 Eighth Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Michael L. and Michael Leroy Kilmer to Robert A. and Patricia E. Frederick, 2710 13th St., Altoona, $69,000.

Geraldine Alberta Hench to Timothy W. Hench Sr., 225 23rd Ave., Altoona, $50,000.

Anthony and Judy Branda to Duckhook Realty LLC, property in Logan Township, $305,000.

Gilda G. Eggerstorfer to Lawrence Robert Peck Jr., 714 Second Ave., Altoona, $13,000.

Jennifer M. Lepore to Kayleigh and Timothy P. Langham, 1701-03 23rd Ave., Altoona, $115,000.

Chelsea L. Moyer to Jennifer M. Lepore, Orchard Drive, Duncansville, $133,500.

Debra A. Dorazio and Debra A. and Douglas L. Oswald to Mitchell R. Okeiff, 2918 Fourth Ave., Altoona, $90,000.

Benjamin F. and Amanda Gottshall to Yousef Sadeq Alshraideh and Nedaa Moh D. Shatnawi, Red Fox Drive, Duncansville, $305,000.

Clifford P. Jr. and Dorothy A. Johnson to CCK Inc., 5587 E. Pleasant Valley Blvd., Tyrone, $75,000.

Community Choices Properties to Hobbes & Woofs LLC, property in Allegheny Township, $525,000.

Matthew D. and Stephanie A.J. Smith, property in Bellwood, $16,000.

Bedford County

Ada F. Foor to Dennis A. and Carol A. Loushe, property in West Providence Township, $35,000.

John E. and Jacquelyn E. Howsare to Daniel Wayne and Alison Marie Hostetler, property in Everett Borough, $40,000.

Gretchen Davis, Adolfo Rapaport, Dwayne and Doris Long to George W. and Sylvia Jane Pitttman, property in Hopewell Township, $86,500.

New Enterprise Stone & Lime Co. Inc. to David G. and Theresa M. Mattern, property in King Township, $77,000.

Angela Appleman, Angela Wyles, Angela K. Wyles to Krysta A. and Justin S. Eichelberger, property in Bedford Township, $148,900.

Frances L. Barger to Scott and Janet Krepps, property in Bedford Borough, $120,000.

William J. Forbes to Angela and Justin Settle, property in Lincoln Township, $17,500.

Vera M. Ritchey and Gayle N. Levy to John Cogan and Debbie Craft, property in West Providence Township, $60,000.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC. to 2019 Castle LLC, property in Bedford Township, $35,900.

BB&T, B B & T, Branch Banking & Trust Co. to Alvin D. Jackson, property in Mann Township, $170,000.

Stephen J. and Deborah D. Weyandt to Aunt T’s Cottages LLC, Aunt TS Cottages LLC, property in East St CLair Township, $50,000.

Cambria County

Annette M. Hnatkowicz to Hastings Volunteer Fire Company No. 1, property in Hastings Borough, $45,000.

Andrew J. Mackanick to Clint Scott, property in Jackson Township, $240,000.

Susanna F. Shuman to Phillip Stern, property in East Conemaugh Borough, $69,000.

Clearfield County

Dennis L. Wise and Glen E. Wise EST to Matthew C. and Sarah E. Hoover, property in Lawrence Township, $153,000.

Betty J. Franek to John E. and Shirley A. McKee, property in Knox Township, $55,000.

Patricia J. and Rodger C. Gurbal to Shauna and Chelsea Moore, property in Graham Township, $213,800.

Patrick J. and Angela L. Mackin to Craig G. and Emily N. Bickford, property in Coalport Borough, $44,900.

Paula Warfield and Lois K. Waterhouse to Tabitha L. Krause, property in Coalport Borough, $30,000

Gary O. and Rose Watkins to Julie L. Clarke, property in Clearfield Borough, $89,900.

CSN Holdings LLC to Riverfront Hospitality LLC, property in Clearfield Borough, $65,000.

Richard H. Lewis II to Dustin, Paula K. and Lyndon W. Botkins, property in DuBois, $10,000.

Shu Guo and Yun Zhu to Zu Ru Zhu, property in Chester Hill Borough, $90,000.

Robert L. and Kassie J. Smeal to Ethan H. Best, property in Morris Township, $100,000.

James R. Evilsizor to Nicholas T. Wilson, property in Osceola Mills Borough, $52,000.

Lillian M, Winters and Davie Lee Cowfer to Douglas A. Quarry, property in Decatur Township, $105,000.

Jordon T. Anthony to Courtney N. Lecker, property in DuBois, $108,000.

Jeffrey and Heather Werner to Jason L. and Erica Perry, property in Sandy Township, $206,000.

Huntingdon County

Raymond M. and Lauren Angela Worrell to Chason N. and Logan J. Kratzer, property in Huntingdon Borough, $159,000.

Gabriel J., Gabriel, Jill R. and Jill Welsch to Karen J. Smith Trust, property in Huntingdon Borough, $305,000.

Dennis R. and Deborah E. Blair to Kara Scott, property in Logan Township, $35,000.

Fannie Mae, Federal National Mortgage Association and KML Law Group PC to Hans B. Ellenberger, property in Mount Union Borough, $19,250.

Sharon M. Brumbaugh to David J. Payne, property in Oneida Township, $86,500.

Raymond James Besseck III to Harriet L. Caldwell, property in Oneida Township, $75,000.

Samuel G. and Judith M. Guertin to Tracy B. Swope, property in Penn Township, $73,000.

Sheri L. Thomas to Elisabeth A. Stiffler, property in Penn Township, $199,900.

Ronald R. Griffith and Arlene Kelly-Griffith to Pamela Monihen, property in Smithfield Township, $85,000.