Bedford County

Michael T. McKnight to Randy K. and Wanda L. Miller, property in Bedford, $118,000.

Charles R. and Gloria A. Miller Revocable Living Trust to Joseph R. Sr. and Sarah M. Gardner, property in East St. Clair Township, $130,000.

Richard A. and Darla K. Steele to Joseph J. Manspeaker Jr., property in Liberty Township, $10,000.

Rex E. and Cynthia S. Clark to Robert H. Eby, property in Hopewell Township, $72,800.

Todd W. and Yvonne J. Price to Christopher L. Chamberlain, property in West Providence Township, $130,000.

Austin M. and Patricia A. Greenland to Green Land Enterprises LLC, property in Bedford, $645,100.

Glentice and Gregory Steve Mallow and Sherry Thomas to Royal P. and Greta E. Smith, property in South Hampton Township, $20,000.

Stephen D. and Patricia A. Geiman to Mark P. Myers, property in Pavia Township, $350,000.

Kevin L. and Cindy Summy to Boyer Lands LLC, property in Napier Township, $100,000.

Anton J. and Carla J. Bravar to Joseph W. and Karen K. Lazzaro, property in Juniata Township, $125,000.

Mildred B. and Robert E. Steinke to Kenneth B. and Samantha M. Bowman, property in Mann Township, $118,350.

Jean Keith to Jonathan D. H. Keith, property in Liberty Township, $80,000.

Ninalee F. Corley to Cody L. Dallara, property in Bedford, $70,000.

Fay E. and Gloria J. Leydig to Gary W. Sr. and Brenda Y. Pensel, property in Londonderry Township, $115,000.

Cambria County

Citrona Homes LLC to Finding Kansas Investments LLC, property in Johnstown’s 17th Ward, $10,000.

James Kawchak to Kenneth G. Wingard, property in Richland Township, $185,000.

Gary L. Lubert to Jeannie M. Kronick, property in Jackson Township, $75,000.

Joseph A. Knutelsky to David Williams, property in Gallitzin, $23,000.

Jane Frambach to Emilio Venegas, property in Ferndale Borough, $60,500.

Noah J. Paronish to Tyler P. Hrubochak, property in Patton, $74,000.

Castlerock LLC to Erica A. Statler, property in Carrolltown, $24,000.

Saul S. Glosser to Dennis T. Perkins, property in Southmont Borough, $157,900.

Eileen Litzinger to Jennifer L. Shero, property in Patton, $27,000.

Hamzeh Investments LLC to Helm Living Trust, property in Richland Township, $1,250,000.

Jamie J. Shrift to James Takacs, property in Ebensburg, $30,000.

Clearfield County

Linda M. Lynn to Joseph B. and Lucy L. Kavitt, property in Sandy Township, $114,900.

Jeffrey R. Aaron to Matthew T. and Brandie Lee Butler Kephart, property in Clearfield, $35,000.

Joseph M. Vaglia to Bryce and Roa Zimmerman, property in Sandy Township, $12,000.

First Commonwealth Bank to Russell Real Estate LLC, property in Penn Township, $59,000.

Harry Veon to Michael J. and Kayla R. Cramer, property in Sandy Township, $89,000.

John M. and Anna M.Berenbrok to Matthew S. Mencer, property in Brisbin Borough, $185,000.

Suzanne L. Askey to Devin L. and Sara Miller, property in Morris Township, 4107,000.

Dennis L. and Helen J. Williamson to Elizabeth J. Keeler, property in Boggs Township, $85,000.

Robert J. and Bonita L. Liptak to Douglas A. Humenay and Stacey L. Kolp, property in Cooper Township, $183,000.

Henry A. Shaw to Matthew B. and Julie K. Shimmel, property in Wallaceton Borough, $30,000.

Camellia Y. Cimino to Jagan Nicholas and Cheralyn Michelle Ranjan, property in Sandy Township, $116,000.

Catherine E. Irwin to Barry Beckwith, property in Clearfield, $60,000.

WGS Holdings LLC to American Natural Supply LLC, property in Decatur Township, $17,150.

Mahoning Distribution Inc. to Merit Holdings LLC, property in Clearfield, $117,575.

Michael Ferguson, Julia E. and John Leroy Desmond and Cynthia D. and Gary Ellis to Allen D. and Leah M. Gingerich, property in Ferguson Township, $302,966.

Huntingdon County

Susan M. Hall, Jennie M. Ramsey and Thomas Noel Gartland to William T. and Joyce J. Martin, property in Todd Township, $30,000.

James L. Jr. and Debra L. Dial to Isaiah R. Covert, property in Shirley Township, $26,000.

Barbara McPeek to Matthew L. and Tammy S. Freeman, property in Union Township, $22,000.

708 Washington Street Inc. to Michael Montgomery, property in Walker Township, $177,000.

Theodore G. and Patricia L. Ribblett to Lewis Randall and Cynthia Ann James, property in Juniata Township, $200,000.

Harold J. and Harriet V. Davis to Brian T. and Lauren E. Spicher, property in Jackson Township, $210,000.

Cynthia O. Hutchings Estate to Richard R. Griffith Trust, property in Huntingdon, $44,000.

Jay A. and Linda A. Grubb to Justin H. Kann, property in Walker Township, $15,000.

Kenneth R. and Brenda J. Covelens to Steven J. Miller, property in Dublin Township, $16,000.

Jason M. McMahon to Alvin L. Smoker, property in Miller Township, $104,900.

Daniel D. and Lauren L. Lasecki to Anthony J. Slezak and Anthony J. Calabrese, property in Penn Township, $10,200.

Warren W. Jr. and Nancy A. Wolfe to Wesley S. and Yvonne M. Parker, property in Shirley Township, $55,000.

Judith A. Shehan Dyer to Benjamin T. Glunt, property in Three Springs, $28,000.


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