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US sues to halt sugar company merger

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit on Tuesday seeking to block a major U.S. sugar manufacturer from acquiring its rival, arguing that allowing the deal would harm competition and consumers. The suit was filed in federal court in Delaware. It comes about eight months after U.S. Sugar announced it reached an agreement to acquire the Imperial Sugar Company, one of the largest sugar refiners in the nation.

The lawsuit is the latest example of the Justice Department’s approach to aggressive enforcement of federal antitrust law that officials say is aimed at ensuring a fair and competitive market. It comes months after President Joe Biden signed an executive order that called on the Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission to vigorously enforce antitrust statutes and promote market competition.

Apple suing Israeli hacker-for-hire company

Tech giant Apple is suing Israel’s NSO Group, seeking to block the world’s most infamous hacker-for-hire company from breaking into Apple’s products, like the iPhone. Apple said in a complaint filed Tuesday in federal court in California that NSO Group’s spyware, called Pegasus, had been used to attack a small number of Apple customers worldwide.

It’s the latest blow to the hacking firm, which was recently blacklisted by the U.S. Commerce Department and is currently being sued by social media giant Facebook. NSO Group has broadly denied wrongdoing and said its products have been use by governments to prevent terrorism and crime.

Samsung expected to build $17B chip factory

Samsung is planning to build a $17 billion semiconductor factory in Texas amid a global shortage of chips used in phones, laptops, cars and other electronic devices.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has scheduled a press conference Tuesday to make an economic announcement; he is expected to unveil the Samsung investment then, according to a person familiar with the plan who wasn’t authorized to speak about it publicly ahead of the official event. The chip shortage has emerged as both a business obstacle and a serious national-security concern many U.S. companies are dependent on chips produced overseas, particularly in Taiwan.

T-Mobile to pay after outage, failed 911 calls

Wireless carrier T-Mobile is paying $19.5 million in a settlement with the Federal Communications Commission over a 12-hour nationwide outage in June 2020 that resulted in thousands of failed 911 calls.

The FCC said Tuesday that as part of the settlement, T-Mobile will also commit to improving communications of outages to emergency call centers. The agency said there was a complete failure of more than 23,000 911 calls because of the outage. T-Mobile has paid penalties for outages that prevented 911 calls before.

Dollar Tree raising prices on majority of items

Faced with the rising cost of goods and freight, discount retail chain Dollar Tree said Tuesday it will be raising its prices to $1.25 for the majority of its products.

Dollar Tree said the reason for raising its prices to $1.25 was not due to “short-term or transitory market conditions” and said the price increases were permanent. The higher prices will also allow the company to cope with high merchandise cost increases as well as higher operating costs, such as wages, it said.


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