Supervisors invite rezoning debate

Recommendations from Grandview residents on topic encouraged

The Logan Township supervisors on Thursday will accept recommendations from Grandview residents on whether to rezone that area from residential to agricultural.

The matter will be on the agenda for discussion because at a meeting in August, Supervisor Patrick Jones brought up the topic, which he first introduced in December.

The potential for rezoning from residential to agricultural was an issue that came up when he campaigned for election in 2019, according to Jones.

None of the other supervisors have recommended such a change, and a couple of the supervisors were openly skeptical about the idea, both in December and August.

Giving Grandview residents an opportunity to argue for or against the switch, starting at

6 p.m. Thursday, could show whether the notion can develop traction.

There are three subsections that could be under consideration for rezoning, one bounded by Davis, Grandview and Gwin roads; one bounded by Grandview and Spook Hollow Road and the city line; and one northwest of Grandview Road to just past Nelson Road, according to Planning Director Cassandra Schmick.

Rezoning from residential to agricultural can be a problem because it would permit many land uses that would be deleterious for residential areas, according to Supervisor Joe Metzgar.

Those include all kinds of agricultural uses, including the raising of livestock, he said.

“It can be a real mess,” Metzgar said.

No one asked for such a change when the township revised its comprehensive plan several years ago, Metzgar added.

“Is it even an issue?” asked Supervisor Ed Frontino.

Normally, if the desire for rezoning an area gains momentum, residents will approach Schmick with a proposal, Frontino said.

Were any such proposals made? Asked Supervisors Chairman Jim Patterson.

No, Schmick said.

Still, he doesn’t have a problem putting the issue on the agenda for Thursday, Patterson said.

“If there’s no input from residents, it drops and dies,” Patterson said.

“I can agree with that,” Metzgar said.

Having it on the agenda will actually give residents that oppose it a chance to express themselves, Metzgar said.

Mirror Staff Writer

William Kibler is at 814-949-7038.


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